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Carnivorous Swarm? Yummy - 85%

Flamos, February 6th, 2009

Cannibal Corpse is a band many hate, mostly due to their success. This band has one simply formula. Make every album faster and more technical than the one that comes before it. Evisceration Plague is the bands eleventh album and the predecessor the there 2006 release, Kill. These albums both sound similar, in production and musically. Normally you’ll find songs on Cannibal Corpse albums with titles like “Fucked With A Knife” or “Addicted to Vaginal Skin.” Which show more comedy than death metal really. However on this release, most of the songs are serious in content. Well, not truly serious, but serious for the band. I also noticed some of the songs are incredibly short; “Scalding Hail” clocks in under two minutes. Songs this short haven’t been on a Cannibal Corpse album since “Eaten Back to Life” in 1990. This is a positive, many complain about some songs just completely dragging on releases like “The Wretched Spawn” and “Bloodthirst.” These tracks are fast, and straight to the point. Which is great on any Death Metal album. Sure, there are still a few lengthy ones here, but the album isn’t blanketed with them. Overall, “Evisceration Plague” is thirty-eight minutes long. Once again, not a bad thing.

The music is typical of the group. George Fisher still has that “love it or hate it” vocal mentality, with his heavily deep growls to his higher screech thing he does so well. Paul Mazurkiewicz is still here, doing what he does. This man is criticized beyond imagination for being a player who can only do the same thing over and over. Whatever the case he does a solid job here. Rob Barret and Pat O’Brien do a fantastic job on this record. Many solos are found throughout, more than most Cannibal Corpse records, which is another good thing. Alex Webster is still one of the greatest bass players in the metal world, and my opinion is just solidified here even more.

The songs themselves are structured well. The opener “Priests of Sodom” has some layered vocals, which is new, and some great bass work. “Scalding Hail” is short, but one of the best tracks here. “Evidence in the Furnace” is my favorite track here. The chorus is solid and the vocals work well. Old school fans will be pleased with the speed here, just about all of the songs here are extremely fast-paced and flow well together, and the flawless production helps. “A Cauldron of Hate” is mediocre and not really anything special, as well as the title track “Evisceration Plague.” These are really the only two blemishes on the album.

So, if you’ve never liked Cannibal Corpse, this album won’t change you’re opinion. However, fans of the band will eat this up. This is not as good as Kill, but beats most of the mediocre albums like “Gore Obsessed” and “Bloodthirst.” Pick it up, you’ll be satisfied.