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A satisfyingly brutal breakfast snack. - 79%

Empyreal, March 1st, 2009

This is my first full album taste of Cannibal Corpse. I really have not heard much of the band before this, and what I have heard was somewhat mediocre and underwhelming. So I will not try to make any comparisons to the sound of older albums with this one. Evisceration Plague is the band's newest full length album, and it's solid. Not great, and not really doing anything too exciting or fresh, but still solid. The basic sound here is big, chunky riffs that maul and ravage your ears while the vocals of veteran growler Corpsegrinder howl away off to the side. There are some melodic whiddly solos in here that gallop and skip along like blood flowing from an open wound, and the drumming is always there in the background, crushing skulls into a fine dust. I really do like the guitar tone on here, as it is crunchy and metallic as fuck, and it makes for an overall satisfying listen any time you want to throw this one on. The riffs are mostly mid-paced, possessing little variation in tempo and mostly just grooving and lurching along in an energetically charged stomp that will satisfy both old school Death enthusiasts and those of the newer school, too. The vocals are all understandable, so you can hear every single inch of the gory, maddening lyrical poetry coming out of Corpsegrinder's mouth!

All the songs here are relatively homogenous, possessing little variation at all from one to the next, and that was exactly what we came for, right? Another thing I like about this album is that the band seemed to just have picked a bunch of cool sounding Death Metal parts and jumbled them all together. Normally this would be a bad thing, in another, more polished genre, but here it just seems to work, as every song sounds like a bubbling, breathing concoction of pure evil. "Priests of Sodom" kicks off with an excellent Death Metal crunch, and then the next couple of songs are not so great, but once we hit "Evidence in the Furnace," things skyrocket and never look back, with more awesome cuts like "Carnivore Swarm," "Carrion Sculpted Entity" and especially the crushing "Shatter the Bones." But really, I like different songs every time I play this damn thing, and that says something good about this one. Evisceration Plague doesn't pack many surprises, but from a band I expected to hate, this is a pretty damn formidable beast indeed.

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