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A worthy debut - 76%

Thrash_Till_Death, February 4th, 2003

This is the debut from CC and its very good. It has little in common with the cds that would come later by the band. This is still death metal, but I see very much thrash influence on here. It strongly reminds me of Sepultura, with Schizophrenia mixed with Beneath the Remains. Chris Barnes vocals are somewhat similar to Max in some songs, but more growling. You can understand sometimes what he is saying though and its not as brutal as Chris will prove with the next few CC albums.

The cd opens with Shredded Humans which takes about 20 seconds to actually start, but this is the sound that band would go on for many cds to come and this is classic CC right here. First though, some will notice the production is slightly thinner/weaker than the other cds from the band, but i mean really, this is their debut & it did come out in 1990. Traces of the Sepultura influence show here, at least to me. I see it a lot in the riff work & the drumming. At 3:00 I can just picture hearing Max growling, slaves...of pain!!

Edible Autopsy (hmmmmm autopsy...) is next and as a change, the band has written a ballad! Ok seriously, this is pure CC, meaning its similar to the song before it and the song after it. Theres nothing wrong with that though. This song has a repeated riff though during the first part and it gets kind of annoying, but Chris helps with this as his vocals come in and the song changes. It has a few good headbanging moments.

I won't go through every song on here. This is a good cd though, like I said, there is some thrash to be found in here. The song titles as over the top as any of the other cds, though it just sticks to death/gore related lyrics and we haven't touched upon the porno songs yet, like what will show up on Tomb of the Mutilated. Also, after this cd, the vocals get more brutal and the music becomes much more death metal. This is maybe my fave CC cd, though I still love all the ones with Chris Barnes. If you need a stepping stone to get into CC, start with this cd. If you like it, then move on to the heavier stuff from the band. Some more of the Sepultura influence shows up again, like in Skull Full of Maggots, but only musically. The solo in Rotting Head is Slayer all the way.

best songs imo: Shredded Humans, Mangled, Rotting Head & Buried in the Backyard.