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Chapter 1 - 94%

KRISIUN69filth, December 8th, 2003

Any fan of Cannibal Corpse's recently releases will be absolutely destroyed apon listening to "Eaten back to life". Lots of tempo changes, fast drums, killer riffs. Eaten back to life, is not as sloppy as much of what Cannibal Corpse has done in the last 10 years. Solid riffs and a hell of alot of headbanging moments. Songs such as "Edible Autopsy", "Put them to death" and "Shredded Humans" absolutely kills everything C.C. Has ever put out.

While I don't know if most would agree with me, I'm gonna have to say this album is also the catchiest album in the Corpse library. Upon listening to Born in a casket I doubt any metal fan will be able to not shout "I love to fuck the dead, Demons in my head, tearing at my brain!". They lyrics by Chris Barnes are not his most graphic and gory but they are probably the least cheesy. (Excluding of course, Born in a casket, totally lame lyrics but catchy none the less)

"Eaten back to life" has the best production of any CD C.C. has ever put out, Scott Burns does a hell of a job turning the knobs for this album. No instrument stands to high in the mix. The guitars sound clearer and crisper than any other album. Nice trading guitar solos and leads, just check out the end of "Shredded Humans". The bass is hardly heard, but hey, most death metal albums are all like that, so no real problem on that front. Chris actually sounds mean on this album un like his vocal style used on "The Bleeding" and now with Six Feet Under.

All in all, this is the best Cannibal Corpse album, of any point in their careers. If you listen to Corpse Grinder era Corpse, but never heard this album, you're missing out. Best Cannibal Corpse CD tracks are "Shredded Humans" "Born in a casket" "Put them to death" and "Mangled" With Glen Benton of deicide and Francis Howard of Incubus on backing vocals