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Corpse O Positive - 74%

HireJockey, June 30th, 2017

"Cannibal Corpse" is a self-recorded, self-titled and self-released demo by an American death metal band Cannibal Corpse, from New York. This record includes some pretty awesome and yet criminally underrated songs the band has put in here. Although, it doesn't sound like the Cannibal Corpse we have today. You can clearly hear that it has that early thrash/death metal influence from bands like Possessed, Death, Necrophagia and etc, etc.

The demo begins with a great opener "A Skull Full Of Maggots" and ends with another great classic "Bloody Chunks" on which they have used a sound clip in the beginning. Jack and Bob's guitars are tuned a half-step lower than the standard tuning - it's E flat/D sharp (it's the same tuning). The second song on the record, "The Undead Will Feast", provides you with that heavily brutal thrash metal sound which is now is considered the beginning of death metal. Alex's amazing bass and Paul's robotic drumming are probably my favourite things of the record. Chris's vocals here don't sound like it's Chris. It sounds more like GG Allin which gives a more psychotic feeling of the songs. Just imagine if they would've asked GG to join them on backing would've been crazy. The songwritting is pretty much basic for this band. They write a lot of text about horrifying murders, torture, necrophilia and then they fill it up with insane blast beats, pinch harmonics, fat bass, down-tuned sounding and an everlasting blast to the crowd.

It's not a bad record, though you can hear some mistakes in the song, but that's nothing to be upset about. The quality is as it should be for a demo and that's ok, but I wouldn't recommend it to people who go jogging in the afternoon with their mp3 players or when you're driving somewhere with your family. I can't say that I would recommend it, but for those who want to try - you're welcome to try.

Their Best, Despite the Production - 84%

DawnoftheShred, August 10th, 2007

As far as ultra-cult necro-death recordings, this pretty much takes the gore-garnished cake. Cannibal Corpse's first offering, a brief sampling of songs that would later appear re-recorded on their debut, is their finest confection, despite the horrendous production.

Now I know I've been critical of 80's demos' sub-par production before, but this one really does suck. It's fuzzy as hell and everything sounds cloudy and muffled. But even so, the band's performance on this cannot be denied. The songs on here are just as intense as on Eaten Back to Life and just as tight. Drumming is spot-on, the bass is accurate and audible, and the riffage is true. And though Chris Barnes is on it, the vocals aren't unbearable. Just as John Tardy sang quite coherently on the pre-Obituary demos, Barnes shrieks in a very nasty, but very understandable way. The lyrics are much more easily distinguished, but without loss of aggression. His best performance this most certainly is. Credit also goes to the intro sample of "Bloody Chunks." The lighthearted yet undeniably funny clip (in context of this demo) goes lengths to demonstrating CC's sense of humor; a critical aspect of their sound lost in the blind whirlwind of the growing goregrind movement.

I'd like to have heard an early version of "Born in a Casket" or "Buried in the Backyard" on this demo, but otherwise, the song selection is quite good. It's a must-have for fans of the band or old-school death metal. And since the mp3's are now floating around online, you won't have to scour Ebay to hear these beauties for yourself.

Excellent Demo - 92%

Puss_blood_pentagram, October 21st, 2004

Cannibal Corpse is no doubt one of the original driving forces that made death metal what it is today, and it all started here. this demo contains five songs that would later be re-recorded on the debut album "eaten back to life." Now, there are a couple differences...
first, the guitar tone sounded a little different than on "eaten..." it didnt sound as good qualitywise, but was still pretty good.
the second difference was the fact that a couple phrases were changed and chords were taken out before the debut album, but again, nothing to seriously hurt the quality of the sound or music...
Now, the third and biggest difference was Chris's vocals. He didnt growl like he does today (in his horrible band), which really surprised me the first time i heard it, but i listened closley to the style, and really grew to love it. He kind of did this high pitched yell, which was pretty good, but doesnt match up to the style that was eventually used.
So all in all, yes, this is a very good demo, especially for a band's first recording. if you get a chance to hear these songs, you should do so.