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This is the be-all end-all of Cannibal - 90%

speedemon86, May 9th, 2003

There's so much improvement on this Cannibal release. It's their best. the production is clear, the music is varied (even the drums) and it just scorches. They even experiment with groove a little. I've heard most all C.C. and bloodthirst is the total package. Let's break into the tracks, shall we??

1. Pounded Into Dust - This a complete riff-fest of a song. Love the war-laden lyrics. Opens up with a quick four sixteenth-notes alternating with a couple quarter notes, in a very chromatic fashion. Then it just goes into blast mode, very complimentary to the war-inspired lyrics. The riffs here are actually fairly thrashy, descendent from the blueprint that Slayer laid down.

2. Dead Human Collection - My favorite Cannibal Track period. I don't see how this song couldn't grab someone's attention, opening in a very catchy manner by just using minor thirds with varying roots, something Cannibal is well-known for. But here they don't trill them, it's the infamous faux-triplet pattern, with the minor third picked twice, and then the root once. After that it goes into a riff that's parts make some sense, but altogether don't make a lot of sense from a musical standpoint. Still quality though, and the use of a couple different root->sixth not successsions, which you generally don't see, and if you do it's not nearly as effective as this. Then there's the open minor (Bb in this case) semi-chromatic groove part that instead of giving you a break from the frenetic nature of the rest of the song, is even heavier and drives you towards mania even more. All the while this song is incredibly catchy, and I can generally remember the whole tune at any given moment, even without having heard it for months.

3. Unleashing The Bloodthirsty - Essentially the title track. Definite groove domination here, and Fisher's screams are bone-chilling. Great employment of pinch harmonics as well. Don't like the way it ends but that's very minor.

4. The Spine Splitter - Not bad i guess. Good melody, but this song is a little monotonous, especially in comparison to the first three songs. Not filler, but not a hilight. Just sounds a bit uninspired.

5. Ecstacy In Decay - much better than the last track. Back and forth between killer epileptic riffs and equally killer groove. They do this so well.

6. Raped By The Beast - Decent. Sounds alot like The Spine Splitter. Riff that starts at approx 1:40 is Slayer worship.

7. Coffinfeeder - Bass Feature!! A definite must for C.C. Pretty good track. Keeps up the drive and intensity well.

8. Hacksaw Decapitation - I ponder sometimes where they get the names for songs, cuz when I write death lyrics the titles just come to me as do the lyrics. I dunno. Anyways this HD has a feedback laden intro (!!) of sorts, and then it just explodes violently. Lyrics?? i dunno they tell a story of sorts, but enjoyable when you read them. Interesting.

9. Blowtorch Slaughter - I seriously urge not listening to this song while driving, especially if there are cliffs in your area. This song BURNS (no pun intended). I want to learn how to play this dammit, as soon as I get a 7-stringer. Perfection

10. Sickening Metamorphosis - Stomach churning groove once again, followed by more audial insanity. It's almost commendable alone that they use the word "Metamorphosis" whilst maintaining a certain rythm. One of the best solos on the album can be found here.

11. Condemned To Agony - THIS is the last track?? well it works but couldn't Jack and Pat have figured out a way to go out with a bang? you damn right, but instead they do a song that just blends in with the album. C'est le Corpse, n'est-ce pas?? i do like that chromatic riff, very nice. The very end manages to satisfy, though.

Well this is a really neck snapping album with some thought behind it. This ain't nothin pretty, and that's nothing new. Bloodthirst leaves nothing to be desired in my mind. Gets spun alot in my player. If you get one Cannibal Corpse album, forget TOTM and get this instead.

Choice Cuts: Pounded Into Dust, Dead Human Collection, Title track, and Blowtorch Slaughter, and to a lesser extent, Ecstacy In Decay

Worst point : Artwork could be so much better. Meh...