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everythings right - 85%

grindorr, October 25th, 2004

After hestitantly picking up this cd, with bad memories of "gallery of suicide" still etched in my mind, I was pleased upon hearing this.
Everything about this album is different in a better way.This is so unlike any other cannibal corpse album.
Its not like the blaring buzzsaw like brutality of the barnes albums and its not too technical either.This one strikes the right balance.With heaviness, speed, technicality and clarity.
The production is crisp. The guitars sounds blazing as opposed to the wet sound of "gallery" and "gore obsessed".
The drum sound has been finally fixed up right. The rich "thump" is heard in every beat.
The musicmanship is tight, making each song headbang-able to. Just think of this as "gallery of suicide" in fast forward with better vocals,drums and guitar sound.
Even the cd art is different,the artist making it look rather sci-fi rather than the usual gory romps of their other albums.
In every song you can make out the riffs, the bass lines and the vocals clearly.
The blast beats are a tad faster than the other post-bleeding cannibal corpse albums.
Each song is just about 3 minutes long. Cannibal corpse have payed more attention to speed and heaviness rather than just ponder over expendable things like "complexity" or "technicality" of the riffs.
Fisher still screams on this album ,but its more of growls and he times all the high pitched screams right, so I really felt like throating along to the songs.

The highlights of the album in no particular order are :
1.Pounded into dust: Everybodys favourite! Starts off with a very innovative kinda riff. Fisher growls fast spewing out the lyrics. Just 2 minutes in length, its guarenteed to leave you with a sore neck.

2.Blowtorch slaughter: This song is all riffs and shouts/screams/growls. The chorus is really sick and Fishers vocal patterns are really brutal. The mid part of the song with the chorus is total mosh pit material!

3.Spinesplitter: Somewhat remniscent of "sentenced to burn", but only several times faster. Great riffage and guitarwork.Has one of the best drum patterns Ive heard. Though very monotonous with little change in pace, its one of the best songs on the cd and one of my personal favourites. Watch out for a really wicked solo.

4.Hacksaw decapitation: This fucker has the sickest intro since "meat hook sodomy".And some really psychotic guitar work bringing out accurately the gruesome lyrical content of the song. The part where Fisher goes "I cant remember my name, or when the blood of the dead flowed so relentlessly" is the best. Definetely one of their sickest songs.

5.The beast: This song actually feels very black metal when you consider the riffs at the beginning.I thought it was similar to a song by emperor(In a lighter vein, the opening lines are "black forest of evil, a demons possesion"hehe) The riffs and the rhythm in the middle of the song is just downright brutal.Fishers vocals have never been better. Times all his screams well and growls most of the song. One of my all time cannibal favourites. Though somewhat similar to "blowtorch slaughter" in terms of structure.

6.Unleashing the bloodthirsty: This could have been named "the bleeding pt 2" taking into consideration the similarity of the tone of this song. Great vocals and a neat chorus. And some of the best guitar work cannibal have shown us since the bleeding. The song picks up pace in the middle and becomes a flurry of raging guitar work and drums.

7.Dead human collection : This ones got a bad ass bass line and some great shredding riffs. Demonstrating that the band can play technical and make it sound brutal too. Faintly remniscent of "staring through the eyes of the dead".

The other songs are good too but rather unmemorable."Coffinfeeder" and "condemned to agony" are fun to listen to but pales in comarison with "blowtorch slaughter" or "pounded into dust".
"Sickening metamorphosis" could have been a song from "gallery of suicide".Its slow and wet. With some random screaming and ok drums. I just skip this track.

In the end, bloodthirst was well worth my money and I was 100% satisfied. I think these are the standards cannibal corpse should maintain. Would recommend this album to any fan of heavy metal.