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The “Best of”-album that never was - 87%

PazuzuZlave, April 10th, 2006

How is it possible that one band changes so vividly over the period of one year? After the hideous release “Gallery of suicide”, Cannibal Corpse unleashed their absolute highpoint of their career, “Bloodthirst”. The most apparent changes from the previous outletting is the production and the overall brutality they’re known to deliver. This is 10 times more vicious than “Gallery…” and twice as fine as “Vile”. How could they go wrong?

There isn’t a single “bad” song on this album. It’s all filled with unrestrained imagery from all aspects which describes good old death metal. Take for instance track nr. 6, “Raped by the Beast”. From the start, it delivers a headbanging frenzy, and succeeds to do so until the last second. “The Spine Splitter” starts off as if you’re thrown into the middle part of a fast Cannibal Corpse song. It’s a brilliant idea, and they pulled it off flawlessly. “Dead Human Collection” features some odd tempo changes and brutal riffs that send shivers down your spine. Opener “Pounded into dust” features very complex guitar- and drum-work which is quite new (at that point of their career) to them. “Sickening Metamorphosis” slows the whole scenario down for a few seconds before blasting into full speed again. The list goes on and on… This album was just bound to receive good feedback.

The whole sonic performance succeeds their previous releases. The production here is really good and suits the overall experience. The mixing is most impressive. The drums even out with the guitars, and the vocals are really pressed forward so none of the lyrics could be misinterpreted. Even the bass (often a major problem with this type of music) is presented grandly, and every technical detail can be heard.
This band never need to release a “best off” album, they’ve already created it with “Bloodthirst”. It’s an absolutely essential album if you’re into brutal death metal.