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Cannibal Corpse's finest hour - 91%

Decepticon, April 1st, 2004

Alot of the Cannibal Corpse fans that I have talked to were worried that this album was gonna be a rushed slab of shit because it was released only one year after Gallery of Suicide. This album put all those worries to rest. Released in 1999 I believe that this is Cannibal Corpse's best album ever for so many reasons. First and most important is that they grew as a band using not only their ability to use their trade mark brutality but also the ability to mix melody and brutality to create a very special album. Second is the technicallity on this album. Both Jack Owen and Pat O'brien create some of the best riffage ever heard in the world of death metal, Pat is the perfect partner for Jack Owen in my opinion. Third is the lenghth of the songs, most of them are under 3 minutes which is great, no messin around get right to the point death metal. Fave song on this one, Pounded into Dust. Another great point on this album is the production handled by Colin Richardson of Carcass and Napalm Death fame. Every Cannibal Corpse fan own this album. A short straight to the point review for an album that gets right to the point with every song. Thank you.