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Dark Perverse Humor Soaked Grind - 100%

VilliThorne, September 22nd, 2012

Grindcore from Finland is not a typical combination one runs into while scouring CD stores, forums, websites and other sources for a splash of refreshing audible waves, but Cannibal Accident are just that; Finnish grindcore. Formed in 2007, the group have released one previous full-length, two live DVDs and an EP. Omnivorous marks the second full-length installment from the accidental flesh eating band, what perversity lays in wait?

Just from doing some quick research on Cannibal Accident before starting this review it looks like this band really knows how to put on a good stage performance, having taken a look at some of their live photos on Facebook. There's a big beefy guy who serves as one of the many vocalists of the album, in nothing but his tighty whiteys, donning a cleaver, butchers apron and an executioner style mask. I haven't figured out who this masked butcher is, but I believe he goes by Kurwa Doktor in the album credits. Main vocalist, Cumman Wank, is seen getting his ass smacked by the aforementioned butcher as he only wears what looks like kids pajama bottoms and a red set of underwear on the outside. Many perverse acts ensue, some that cover them in 'shit' and 'blood', and it overall looks like a fun time just by taking a look into the band. Luckily, the onstage energy carries over well into this entertaining album.

Omnivorous is an album that constantly evolves and changes, especially with the vocals. There are three main vocalists in the band and seven guest session vocalists that lend their voices to various tracks here and there, constantly providing a differing range of gutterals, shrieks, pig squeals and more. The lyrics are layered with depraved humor and are catchy as hell. Tracks such as "Rectal Rape Reflex" goes on about getting your dick trapped in the ass of a corpse and then dying from lack of blood, "Fingerfood" actually uses the verse "Vegetables - Fuck you!" and "Vegenocide" of course talks about torturing green loving vegans. The best humor track of the entire album has to be "Heather the Edible", every element fits together perfectly and the song has a catchy upbeat groove to it instrumentally. The lyrics are amusing and will make you feel like a sick fuck for laughing and enjoying yourself as you sing along to the main verse:

"Blood, guts and shit
That's the way I like it
From your ass to your mouth
Gutted like a fucking trout"

While there is a good amount of humor present, there are also darker songs such as "Arid Alveoli Abrasion", which describes what it would feel like to be suffocated with sand and "Wournos", a track that takes on a twisted look at America's first female serial killer, Aileen Wournos, and even lists all seven men that she murdered. "Re-Beat After Me" is another grim, contorted tale that has a catchiness factor along the lines of "Heather the Edible", but far more serious lyrically. Further into the bowels of this album there are just a few extremely deranged songs, "Bukkake Baptism" is about priests sodomizing children and "Aborted to a Dildo" has an intense take on fetal abortion.

The drums are full of face pummeling blast beat goodness that back fetching choruses throughout Omnivorous and offer up a decent variety of beats and patterns on an even better range of tempos. One of the more unique drum-heavy songs is "Kurwa Doktor Recommends", which has a tribal-esque drum solo at the beginning. The guitar has a profusion of memorable riffs scattered throughout the album, including most of the aforestated song titles and also in "Fist Things First" and "Canniballs to the Wall". All of the songs previously mentioned are some of the best on this album, however the true highlights have to be "Heather the Edible", which has already been talked about, and "Facebook", another song that greets the listener with an unrelenting onslaught of hook-in-brain riffs and drum patterns wrapped up in singable chants and horrifying lyrics.

Cannibal Accident have crafted an album that has something all grindcore lovers search for in what would be considered 'the perfect album' for the genre. The lyrics are zealously brutalized to include gore, carnage, pus, semen, perversity, and humor. The guitar is crazed and catchy, the drums will drill beats into your brain and the vocals are never stagnant. Omnivorous is highly recommended and is one of the most enjoyable listens of 2012. Cannibal Accident showcase their ability to stick with the same genre and reinvent themselves in each of the nineteen tracks presented. Be sure to keep an eye out for them on tour!

- Villi Thorne