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Somebody Slap the Editor! - 40%

VilliThorne, September 22nd, 2012

Finnish grindcore ensemble Cannibal Accident have just released their second and latest full-length effort, Omnivorous, a few months ago. During the three period wait from their debut release until now, the band have released two live DVDs and the EP Brutalent. The group have some intriguing photos on their official pages of their live performances which prompt curiosity. What is Cannibal Accident really like live and what does this live DVD release have to offer?

Live at S-Osis doesn't have any official cover art to it, and the production quality is that of an obviously homemade video. The DVD does have a menu feature that will direct the user to either the track list, photos, download links or the start button. The menu and surrounding effects are a little cheap and cheesy, but not much else can be expected for something this raw and homemade. There are three or four cameras used throughout the live concert, two which sit at the same unflattering stationary position for the entire show. One would deem the angles unflattering because one camera is squished between a couple of audio monitors and doesn't really provide a good view of the band, and the other is focused on lead singer Cumman Wank. The far-shot camera is also of a noticeably lower quality than the others, and it often blurs out.

Cannibal Accident put on a great performance full of energy and debauchery, it's just a shame that the stage they're performing on is so small. At one point "Meat Is Murder", Kurwa Doktor gets down on his knees in front of Cumman Wank, who then holds the Doktor's microphone near his crotch while he thrusts his hips and strokes the microphone as the Doktor sings from it. There is also raw meat inside of and on top of a microwave the band use as a prop. For a small stage, the group are able to perform fairly well however if they were given a bigger stage they could probably get away with unleashing more antics. Their set list is also a solid one, consisting of the entirety of Brutalent (except "Hippophobia" for whatever reason), a few songs from their debut self-titled album, and "Dawn of the Dead" which appears on Omnivorous.

It's clear that the people filming are not familiar with Cannibal Accident's onstage performance habits and there are countless useless shots throughout the twenty seven minute disaster, one of the most notable being a mere four minutes, ten seconds into Live at S-Osis where a few seconds of footage was present of one of the band members' arms. Another example of a useless shot is at the beginning of "Toilet It Be" where the watcher is greeted with a lovely close up of the back of someones bald head, which slowly pans out. These are among numerous shots of the camera person panning the camera down and walking away at the end of a song. Speaking of pans, the panning in this DVD is fucking horrible and they often lead to nowhere, nowhere being a stray arm or leg or some shot of something completely unimportant. The editing in Live at S-Osis is horrendous and sloppy, a quick cut-paste-done kind of job that took little to no effort on the editors part. Often there are areas that have way too many cuts in a short period of time, an attempt on the editors behalf of matching up the edits with the beat of the song, but this fails more often than it works due to half-assed timing attempts.

All in all, the performance given by Cannibal Accident on Live at S-Osis is a great one that is unfortunately hindered by a small stage and editing that is nearly too awful for words. The bright side is, is that the audio quality is for the most part clear and ungarbled. If you really want to check out Cannibal Accident live, then check this DVD out in a free legal download provided by the band. If you don't have much desire to see them live, then keep far away from this poorly executed footage.

- Villi Thorne