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More Death Than Grind - 70%

VilliThorne, September 22nd, 2012

Cannibal Accident haven't established themselves yet in the metal underground, but they are on the right path to doing so with their latest release Omnivorous (reviewed here). Prior to the current album, the Finnish group released one full-length album that was followed up in 2010 with an EP, Brutalent, which was originally released independently before getting picked up by Torn Flesh Records in 2011. Does Brutalent show off the bands brutal talent, or does it fall between the cracks of the endless underground?

To put it plain and simple, this album cover is fucking hideous. The illustration and inking is done well, but what the fuck is up with the atrocious neon purple background gradient? From the style of the albums logo, it looks like the artwork is supposed to be a spin off of America's Got Talent or American Idol, so that could easily be where the purple background comes in, but it doesn't make this art any less sore on the eyes.

Diving into the content itself, Brutalent doesn't have much to offer in the way of being unique but it does work as a decent gap filler. The songs are mediocre at best and are chocked full of generically used chords, acceptable blast beats and vocals that aren't quite as powerful as what is experienced on Omnivorous. The lyrics have a more serious tone to them rather than being humorously dark and the perverseness is amiss. The guitar takes on a deeper tone and mostly sticks to slow to medium paced tempos, leaving the drums to do most of the work in picking up the pace of the album. Overall, Brutalent is full of slower death metal inspired compositions rather than grindcore.

"Deadmeatfest", "Meat Is Murder (And Murder Is Good)" and "Live on Liver (Die on Diet)" are the most well done tracks of the lot. They all have the signature Cannibal Accident moshes that one can't help themselves from headbanging and chanting along with, and all three songs expose different techniques used by the band. "Deadmeatfest" has a set of slow, chugging riffs highlighted by well placed pinch harmonics during the chorus, and is backed by a hectic set of drums. "Meat Is Murder" is a semi-vegan bashing song that has some of the faster guitar work on the album. "Live on Liver" is made up of various groovy riffs and drum beats, pretty much combining the previously mentioned songs into one. Cannibal Accident definitely seem to have no problem coming up with snappy grooves and hooky choruses on quite a number of their songs.

The production value on Brutalent is crisp and keeps the audio atmosphere from becoming too overwhelmed, however there is an underwhelming lack of originality and energy pervading this EP. This could be attributed to a lack of faster material within the album and the use of too many tried-and-true riffs and drum patterns. The vocals are alright, though they too lack variety despite how many vocalists perform with Cannibal Accident. Brutalent is a mediocre EP that has a very slight thrill the first time it's heard, but after that the tracks wear thin quickly. Recommended for a one or two time listen, and then it's time to move on. You can get the EP for free (legally) from Flesh Torn Records here.

- Villi Thorne