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Not a joke at all - 100%

psiguen, April 21st, 2013

With this, their second full-length, Cannabis Corpse shows they are not a joke or a goofy band at all. If they released a nice good debut, their next album is almost unbeatable. They have improved their musical abilities and songwritting, and it's showed clearly here.

Musically, they continue playing a very original death metal. The overall sound is harsh, raw, and why not, brutal. By today's standards, it wouldn't be considered 'brutal', but I wouldn't call it either soft or melodic. Yeah, I consider them a pretty brute band, fast, aggressive and very catchy: I only needed two listenings to get into the new songs, whilst I usually need six or more listenings to get into modern death metal, especially if technical. Cannabis Corpse are quite technical indeed; they are not Nile or Immolation though, but technical enough to fulfill anyone's tastes.

The guitar work is very good, quite technical riffs, leads and soloing, with a massive crushing sound, thrashing it all, pretty old Cannibal Corpse-based, but even faster and a little more technical. Guitars remind me some faster 'Eaten Back to Life' with a modern sound. Bass guitar has more presence here than in their debut, with some nice solos here and there, as in the great opener 'Chronolith', probably the best tune of the album along with 'Experiment in Horticulture', in my humble opinion. Drummer HallHammer does his job precisely, keeping mostly a fast pace througout the whole album, adding some original drum patterns and fills, but his style is more varied than the average death metal drummer, and far more original.

Vocalist Weedgrinder's voice ranges from very "Barnesque" deep and low grunts to high-pitched screams and screeches, and he still does pretty understandable singing. Lyrically, they go on mixing some typical gore-soaked death metal lyrics with a stoner approach, very original, hilarious and funny. Their attitude about weed, and the way they mock Cannibal Corpse's song titles still make them look like a childish and clown-like band, but this is only façade. If one makes an effort, and takes a look beneath this immature façade, one might see a highly professional band (even for a side project), full of greatly skilled musicians making humour of their favourite things in life, listening to Cannibal Corpse and smoking weed.

The artwork is awesome, showing some dark weed-ritual under a blood-red sky, with a dark huge giantic bong full of body parts on a human-skull-and-bone-made altar, and three dark cloaked figures adoring it. Their logo, and I didn't realized that at first sight, is kinda green smoke-letters, instead of the horrific blood-splattering inintelligible letters commonly used in the genre, which makes them stand one more step further than the rest of the death metal scene.

In conclusion, definitely the best Cannabis Corpse is found here, a very recommendable album showing the best they can offer to all the stoners and potheads out there, so grab this one if you haven't yet and enjoy your dose of pot-treated death metal at its best.