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I thought these guys were a gimmick...? - 96%

Valkyrjan, July 5th, 2009

I first heard the name "Cannabis Corpse" a few years ago now, and my first thought on the matter was that they're more than likely an almost-mediocre parody band with THC-soaked imaginations. I was correct on the latter but so, so far from the truth on the former; Tube Of The Resinated blew away those negative first impressions no more than thirty seconds into the belting opener, “Chronolith”.

First of all, I must comment on the musicianship displayed between the members. Each is a very skilled musician and they perform together like its second nature to them (and I wouldn't be surprised if it is.) The drumming is quite quick but not excessively so and in terms of content, it's very similar to their main influence and inspiration Cannibal Corpse. The difference here is, however, that this drummer is a better musician than Paul Mazurkiewicz and is able to play blastbeats and double-bass and make it sound effortless as opposed to the tired, slightly sloppy recording one has come to expect from Mazurkiewicz. It's a tight performance.

The guitars are not unlike that of Tomb of the Mutilated and other releases of that era, full of tremolo and technical somewhat, but not to the extent of Pat O'Brian's more recent contributions to Cannibal Corpse (Frantic Disembowelment, anyone?) and solos are quite sparse but effective when used. The sound is gritty yet still crushing when we hear use of the fretboard’s lower-end employed. The bass is in a similar vein to the guitars; very skilful and powerful, being the driving force behind the lower-end of the audio spectrum. The guitars can be just a little overpowering at times, but overall it fits in very well with the mix and is a powerful and important element of the album making pivotal appearances in songs such as “Gallery Of Stupid High”.

The vocals are, simply put, excellent. A good range of low to high pitched growls and screams displayed throughout and appear to become more voluminous as the record progresses, becoming more and more brutal. The lyrics are barked in a similar style of phrasing that you might hear from Corpsegrinder, but the growls themselves are much more like Chris Barnes’.

The songs themselves are written in a classic death metal-style and are done so very well. It’s not unheard of to find a band that excel in skill, but are unable to structure a song in a coherent fashion resulting in occasional confusion and unease in the listener. This is not the case with Cannabis Corpse, each song flows nicely while avoiding predictability and maintaining the listener’s interest. There’s even use of samples, similar to those used by Carcass but these are very few in number here.

Overall, this is one hell of a death metal album. Anyone with even a mild interest in the sub-genre should strongly consider giving this a spin. As stated in their biography, “They formed in 2006 the aim being to express a sincere love for smoking weed and listening to Cannibal Corpse.” On that basis, and any other way you care to slice it, they are very successful in the result of their efforts and not just the parody band people sometimes imagine they are and is very deserving of the 96 points awarded.

Recommended listening:
1) Chronolith
3) Disposal Of The Baggy
9) Gallery Of Stupid High