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Look past the weed smoke screen... - 95%

Totenkopf, May 21st, 2009

It's easy to write Cannabis Corpse off as a novelty act. They come across as a silly side-project parody band. They don't help this by naming all of their songs and albums pothead-parodied Cannibal Corpse titles. But looking past all this goofy stuff, Cannabis Corpse is actually a killer death metal band. This album rips front to back.

"Tube of the Resinated" has that that early 90's brutal death metal feel that we all know and love, but maintains its own unique flavor. It's got that disgusting brutality and touch of technicality that makes this particular style of death metal great. The riffage is relentless...
each song is rich with tons of killer, brutal riffs. They keep things interesting by changing it up between blasting, thrashing, and grooving in every song. Not only is the music immensely enjoyable, but the lyrics are downright hilarious.

These guys are obviously having a lot of fun, but are putting out some great metal while they're at it. If you can look past the gimmicks and goofiness, you'll find an exceptional death metal album.