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Don't bogart that CD player, my friend - 88%

GuardAwakening, May 28th, 2013

Within the cannabis subculture, you'll find people so dedicated to this herb that even films, television shows, magazines, clothing and even music is themed around this very substance. Weed is popular, that's obvious but what's surprising is its popularity at such a base wherein these stoners seek out self-complementary comfort with their never-ending use for it to the point where they've man-made their own league of other never-ending partners that all use maryjane as a means to their complete worship. Cannabis Corpse is the answer to the weed subculture for metalheads and an in-turn parody band of famous death metal act Cannibal Corpse.

Now before I say much, I want to say, Cannabis Corpse is actually a really good band surprisingly. For a parody act, you'd think they would just be all talk and not much talent, but featuring Philip Hall of famed contemporary thrash metal act Municipal Waste and bringing his pothead and relatively talented brother into it as well on the skins, you have a lot in store. Everything on this album is almost as good to be a legit Cannibal Corpse album by them themselves minus the dank-influenced lyrics and personality. It's almost like Six Feet Under's stoner vibe were injected into Cannibal Corpse and this came up as the final result. Speaking of which, I'd like to now get into the instruments. As a four piece, the band do this surprisingly well. Nick Poulos' guitar playing is praise-able. He's not moronically boring nor tedious in several select-sections of songs. His tremolo picking is usually done off a lick to connect to another riff and unlike most death metal, he seems to play in a higher drop or at least incorporates a tad more near-melodic moments to the mix (although the band rarely incorporate melody per-se). His playing can almost be compared to the likes of Torture Killer, just at a faster interval.

Other than him, the drumming of Josh Hall is also very credible. His playing is remarkable and his dynamics are incredible. Pounding away at the blast beats during the right moments, filling off on the toms during drum breaks and even incorporating alternating speeds of double kicks during tempos led on by the Poulos' riffs. Sometimes not even using double bass at all. These combinations almost bear the band into the near-territory of progressive metal if it wasn't for the overly-obvious '90s American death metal worship. Heck I'd love to think the band wrote and recorded this entire record sober given how well it's executed, even though I highly doubt they weren't....

Anyway, I'd like to get onto the vocals now. Andy Horn is an obvious Chris Barnes clone at his very core, imitating Barnes in almost every which way shape and form. His growls are a little more understandable than Barnes' earlier work, but a very well contender in almost all the death metal vocalists that have imitated him. He (like Barnes on early CC albums) even gives off an occasional shriek, but this vocal is usually limited to backing parts and kind of have a sound like they're distant and were recorded from the room over. Also it sounds like these shrieks are done in fry scream, I could be wrong but I'm almost positive, which comes off a little strange since that vocalizing technique is usually kept to genres like metalcore and very rarely have ever been a death metal thing. All and all, there's not a ton to say about Horn other than what I just said, but I can't complain that having a Barnes clone for a vocalist was not a bad decision because Chris Barnes himself is one of the biggest renown stoners in metal even to this day.

Anyway, that's about all I can say about this album. It's a without a doubt, a FUN and very talented sophomore record. Definitely deserves to have its own place to be sold on the counters at local smoke shops everywhere. Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta pack a fat bowl and put this CD back to track one. Long live death metal and don't forget; 420 - blaze it, faggot.

Not a joke at all - 100%

psiguen, April 21st, 2013

With this, their second full-length, Cannabis Corpse shows they are not a joke or a goofy band at all. If they released a nice good debut, their next album is almost unbeatable. They have improved their musical abilities and songwritting, and it's showed clearly here.

Musically, they continue playing a very original death metal. The overall sound is harsh, raw, and why not, brutal. By today's standards, it wouldn't be considered 'brutal', but I wouldn't call it either soft or melodic. Yeah, I consider them a pretty brute band, fast, aggressive and very catchy: I only needed two listenings to get into the new songs, whilst I usually need six or more listenings to get into modern death metal, especially if technical. Cannabis Corpse are quite technical indeed; they are not Nile or Immolation though, but technical enough to fulfill anyone's tastes.

The guitar work is very good, quite technical riffs, leads and soloing, with a massive crushing sound, thrashing it all, pretty old Cannibal Corpse-based, but even faster and a little more technical. Guitars remind me some faster 'Eaten Back to Life' with a modern sound. Bass guitar has more presence here than in their debut, with some nice solos here and there, as in the great opener 'Chronolith', probably the best tune of the album along with 'Experiment in Horticulture', in my humble opinion. Drummer HallHammer does his job precisely, keeping mostly a fast pace througout the whole album, adding some original drum patterns and fills, but his style is more varied than the average death metal drummer, and far more original.

Vocalist Weedgrinder's voice ranges from very "Barnesque" deep and low grunts to high-pitched screams and screeches, and he still does pretty understandable singing. Lyrically, they go on mixing some typical gore-soaked death metal lyrics with a stoner approach, very original, hilarious and funny. Their attitude about weed, and the way they mock Cannibal Corpse's song titles still make them look like a childish and clown-like band, but this is only façade. If one makes an effort, and takes a look beneath this immature façade, one might see a highly professional band (even for a side project), full of greatly skilled musicians making humour of their favourite things in life, listening to Cannibal Corpse and smoking weed.

The artwork is awesome, showing some dark weed-ritual under a blood-red sky, with a dark huge giantic bong full of body parts on a human-skull-and-bone-made altar, and three dark cloaked figures adoring it. Their logo, and I didn't realized that at first sight, is kinda green smoke-letters, instead of the horrific blood-splattering inintelligible letters commonly used in the genre, which makes them stand one more step further than the rest of the death metal scene.

In conclusion, definitely the best Cannabis Corpse is found here, a very recommendable album showing the best they can offer to all the stoners and potheads out there, so grab this one if you haven't yet and enjoy your dose of pot-treated death metal at its best.

I thought these guys were a gimmick...? - 96%

Valkyrjan, July 5th, 2009

I first heard the name "Cannabis Corpse" a few years ago now, and my first thought on the matter was that they're more than likely an almost-mediocre parody band with THC-soaked imaginations. I was correct on the latter but so, so far from the truth on the former; Tube Of The Resinated blew away those negative first impressions no more than thirty seconds into the belting opener, “Chronolith”.

First of all, I must comment on the musicianship displayed between the members. Each is a very skilled musician and they perform together like its second nature to them (and I wouldn't be surprised if it is.) The drumming is quite quick but not excessively so and in terms of content, it's very similar to their main influence and inspiration Cannibal Corpse. The difference here is, however, that this drummer is a better musician than Paul Mazurkiewicz and is able to play blastbeats and double-bass and make it sound effortless as opposed to the tired, slightly sloppy recording one has come to expect from Mazurkiewicz. It's a tight performance.

The guitars are not unlike that of Tomb of the Mutilated and other releases of that era, full of tremolo and technical somewhat, but not to the extent of Pat O'Brian's more recent contributions to Cannibal Corpse (Frantic Disembowelment, anyone?) and solos are quite sparse but effective when used. The sound is gritty yet still crushing when we hear use of the fretboard’s lower-end employed. The bass is in a similar vein to the guitars; very skilful and powerful, being the driving force behind the lower-end of the audio spectrum. The guitars can be just a little overpowering at times, but overall it fits in very well with the mix and is a powerful and important element of the album making pivotal appearances in songs such as “Gallery Of Stupid High”.

The vocals are, simply put, excellent. A good range of low to high pitched growls and screams displayed throughout and appear to become more voluminous as the record progresses, becoming more and more brutal. The lyrics are barked in a similar style of phrasing that you might hear from Corpsegrinder, but the growls themselves are much more like Chris Barnes’.

The songs themselves are written in a classic death metal-style and are done so very well. It’s not unheard of to find a band that excel in skill, but are unable to structure a song in a coherent fashion resulting in occasional confusion and unease in the listener. This is not the case with Cannabis Corpse, each song flows nicely while avoiding predictability and maintaining the listener’s interest. There’s even use of samples, similar to those used by Carcass but these are very few in number here.

Overall, this is one hell of a death metal album. Anyone with even a mild interest in the sub-genre should strongly consider giving this a spin. As stated in their biography, “They formed in 2006 the aim being to express a sincere love for smoking weed and listening to Cannibal Corpse.” On that basis, and any other way you care to slice it, they are very successful in the result of their efforts and not just the parody band people sometimes imagine they are and is very deserving of the 96 points awarded.

Recommended listening:
1) Chronolith
3) Disposal Of The Baggy
9) Gallery Of Stupid High

Look past the weed smoke screen... - 95%

Totenkopf, May 21st, 2009

It's easy to write Cannabis Corpse off as a novelty act. They come across as a silly side-project parody band. They don't help this by naming all of their songs and albums pothead-parodied Cannibal Corpse titles. But looking past all this goofy stuff, Cannabis Corpse is actually a killer death metal band. This album rips front to back.

"Tube of the Resinated" has that that early 90's brutal death metal feel that we all know and love, but maintains its own unique flavor. It's got that disgusting brutality and touch of technicality that makes this particular style of death metal great. The riffage is relentless...
each song is rich with tons of killer, brutal riffs. They keep things interesting by changing it up between blasting, thrashing, and grooving in every song. Not only is the music immensely enjoyable, but the lyrics are downright hilarious.

These guys are obviously having a lot of fun, but are putting out some great metal while they're at it. If you can look past the gimmicks and goofiness, you'll find an exceptional death metal album.

Cannibal Corpse if they were high?... - 90%

FuckinBill, May 31st, 2008

Cannabis Corpse, I gotta' admit a few years back when I first read about this I thought it was a joke... a bad one at that. After listening to them however I had a new found respect for this band. Call them what you want, a side project, a parody, a joke, etc. It won't change the fact that Cannabis Corpse is a great death metal band.

First of all let's start with the tracklist. It's fucking brilliant, to put it quite simply. With their stoner sense of humor, they managed to take classic Cannibal Corpse songs and kind of turn a phrase with them. With songs like "Addicted To Hash In A Tin" (instead of "Addicted To Vaginal Skin") and the "Gallery Of Stupid High" (instead of "Gallery Of Suicide") how can you not love this band so far?

Now the album art is genius too. At first glance it looks like a classic death metal album (a good one at that, the art looks very professional), but a closer look reveals more of that pot-head humor. In a post-apocalyptic setting with demon spirits that seem to be worshiping a giant bong with dismembered body parts and guts in it. I can't think of a better image than that to go along with this album.

The music is really, just amazing. Top-notch oldschool death metal riffs. Insane double bass and fills. Sick ass bass lines. And the vocals are absolutely classic, this is what death metal vocals should sound like. In fact this is what death metal in general should sound like. They do a great job of taking the original Cannibal Corpse sound and making it their own.

Aside from the lyrical content this is a pure death metal album and it's one of the best out there. It's kind of funny when side projects like this are doing better than actual bands today, but that seems to be the case, at least here anyway. My only fault with it is the tracklist is kind of short. I think a band that plays this good should have more songs, but I guess this just leaves fans like myself begging for more. This band pays great tribute to Cannibal Corpse and I know it's something Chris Barnes would love because he's a big weed lover. I highly recommend this to any death metal fan, oldschool or modern.