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Handful of fun - 90%

Eruntalon, July 17th, 2018

There are things that attract you by its peculiar irreverence, sometimes an irreverence so peculiar that probably is something stupid. You may have criticized your little cousin or brother for playing with those stupid fidget spinners. "For fuck's sake, it's just a stupid three pointed wheel that spins... what is the fun on that? Back in my days we used to play soccer on the streets..." you might have said something in these lines . Then your little relative asks you to hold the toy for a second, and in instants you see yourself willingly spinning that stupid wheel ... you also try to play some tricks with it. Then someone laughs at your face, for you have fallen in irony, in your own disgrace. "Well... it really seems to relieve the stress..." you say, selling desperately the lie which you have refused until now; justifying the shame of being caught by a brainwashing trendy gadget, developed by some dark genius of marketing (or maybe social-engineering) who assumed that he could sell anything to anyone.

Well, I think it's perfectly normal to come closer to Cannabis Corpse and think they are some kind of stupid joke involving death metal and weed, at a first glance. Than you strangely perceive that their music is not a joke, at least not in the way you have thought it, and you strangely see yourself listening pleasantly something you were deeming stupid moments ago. Well, this is where Cannabis Corpse distinguishes from the fidget spinner: it seems something frivolous but it is brillant. The fidget spinner thing in the beginning of this review was not a truthful comparison or an eloquent sort of allegory, it was meant to mortify you. Fidget spinner....seriously? Grow some sense.

Every time the topic "good new death metal bands" comes up I promptly present Cannabis Corpse as a fine combination of brutal and technical death metal: one attitude doesn't get over the other. In their fifth album it remains true despite some elements in Left Hand Pass being  clearer or lighter than the previous works. There is a presence of open chords through the album, as in the soft arpeggios in The 420th Crusade - this, when used in a wise way, is a good option when you are dealing with the percussive rhythm of death metal. The option for guitar solos was also a wise thing to do in this work, contributing to an epic element but also creating fluency. I can feel a bit from Nile's style in these solos, powerful ascending notes that follow the brutal percussive riffs. Elements like these can have many different directions, and here the epic tone has been valorized, not leaving behind the brutality and heaviness.  Again, it's still a perfect combination of brutal and technical styles that don't overcome each other.

The recordings and effects through the album is another thing that makes Cannabis Corpse such a nice band to listen to. This classic use of sounds and strange recordings call to mind the the settings of nice and old horror movies. Not true horror, of course, but a joyful horror: it is easy for me to put my earphones  and go to work listening to this album and imagine all the people around me as damned living-dead... or like ghouls going blindly to their obscure places to work as slaves to enrich some dark and great entity... than I can relate it to myself then it is not that funny any more.

This is the nice thing about listening to them: the sense of amusement and sport. You have this plain and pure piece of death metal, a short album of 36 minutes that you can put while you are having some beers (or some weed!) with your mates or even alone, and you amuse yourself. They talk about weed an they make death metal in a jocular way but you still have a very good quality of music here. Their compositions are no less astute as the compositions of masters of the style, as the previous cited Nile, Suffocation and Carcass, for example. Just because it's fun and funny it doesn't mean that it's bad metal.

This album is a nice choice if all you want is a good time of death metal listening. Also, if you are an expert of the genre you will notice the homages not just in the album's title, but also in the tracks. If you are still venturing in this land, this album is pointing you some nice directions.