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Eh? Wha? - 70%

Egregius, June 29th, 2004

It's hard to believe that this EP is actually by Candlemass. I was seriously doubting the authenticity of my mp3s untill I checked the songtitles listed online with the lyrics sung. The reason for my doubtfullness is that this EP sounds nothing at all like the Candlemass I knew from either the Leif Edling demo collection or the 'From The 13th Sun' album. Doomy lyrics/vocals or riffs/guitars? Nope; this more like funpunk, like say the Toydolls. I don't understand that much Swedish, but I understand the music shouldn't be taken too seriously. This is probably meants as music to dance drunkenly to the wacky carnavalesque melodies to, while singing along to the inane chorusses.

I'll give this a 70%. It's neither classic Candlemass nor timeless material, but it's not bad either. Not necessarily for the die-hard Candlemass collectors; it's just wacky fun (probably more if you do Swede-speak). Just be warned that this album doesn't even come close to doom metal.