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funeral rock - 85%

ironasinmaiden, January 8th, 2003

I didn't think I'd dig on Candlemass much... from my earlier experience (mp3s) they were all doom'n'gloom. Nightfall contains plenty of said doom'n'gloom, but enough solid metal riffs to get any head bangin'. Seriously a great disc, and, along with Trouble, these guys are the archetype for doom.

Opening track Well of Souls is just fucking killer... a mid paced thrash riff interpersed with moans of lament and sludge. Check out the Haunted's cover for some more metalness. There aren't any abysmal tunings, and the guitars focus more on single note riffs rather than chordage. Singer Messiah Marcolin (the ugliest fucker on the planet) has a great voice and the production is very pleasant... for it's 1987 release date this is pure gold.

My favorite song has to be To the Gallows End... well placed acoustic guitar alongside badass riff = \m/. These guys obviously aren't big fans of clowns or dance music... "doom" metal is an honestly. appropriate term since everything is played at a dirge, and death seems to be their preoccupation. Somebody get them a hug and a trip to disney world.