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A Solid Album By a Solid Band - 90%

serial_killer_miller, May 3rd, 2007

This album took a while for me to get into at first because I had to become adjusted to Robert Lowe being on vocals as apposed to Eddie. However, after giving this album a worthy chance I was turned from a hater to a lover. Once I was able to grow accustom to Robert Lowe's vocals on this record I was able to sit back and appreciate how truly incredible this release is.

Picking up right were they left off, Candlemass brings us King of the Grey Islands, which has a great mix of songs which have clean guitar interludes, driving riffs, some smooth flowing drumming and some interesting effects that provide something different to an already fantastic album.

As mentioned previously it did take me a while to grow accustom to Robert Lowe filling in the vocal position on this release, but after giving this album an honest judgment, listening to it through stereo speakers and headphones (the final test) I came to the understanding that there would be no one better to fill the vocal position.

Surely, anyone who is already a fan of Candlemass will love this record as it provides everything that a good Candlemass record has, and for those who have yet to hear this great band I urge you to give this record a chance and you may just become a Candlemass fan.