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Candlemass - From the 13th sun (1999) - 100%

Unsilent_Storms, February 8th, 2005

Candlemass without Messiah Marcolin? Can such a thing even exist? It can, and it is proven in this monster of an album. Candlemass truly delivers with this much more modern sounding doom metal style. As much as we would all like our beloved bands to keep on churning out the same exact album with the same exact sound over And over, it simply cannot happen. Candlemass departs from the epic sounding tones of their majestic first four albums and simply sounds over all inspired with this release. It could be said that this is not only one of Candlemass’s greatest albums, but truly at the peak of the whole metal movement.

The album opens with “Droid”, as soon as it starts you know that only a band as amazing as Candlemass could have such a killer melody and guitar and bass tone. The vocals are not opera style, so for all of you that bitch about Messiah's vocals, you will have to check this guy out, he fits the band perfectly. Next comes “Tot” a somber song, the rain and church bells at the beginning set the atmosphere, this song could be called a semi-ballad, melancholic lyrics pour out of the speakers, but then like thunder monstrous guitar riff and church bell brake the silence.

Next comes the fast paced “Elephant Star” one of the heaviest tracks, you can immediately hear the Black Sabbath influence, a great rocker. “Blumma Apt” is has a very groovy guitar riff that exclaims, “Get a bong and smoke me!” I mean is this a stoner’s song or what? If there is any low point in the album I would say it is “Arx/NG 891” It starts like a Hawkwind song(Hawkwind rules by the way), like flying saucers or something in outer space, really trippy, but not up to par with the other songs.

The album picks right up with “Zog”, this is a crusher, slow, dense, and those damn catchy riffs that Candlemass do so well, throughout the song there is a weird distortion like guitar, it adds a third dimension to the song, amazing stuff. Then comes the best track of the album in my opinion, “Galatea” is the gem of this treasure. A brilliant combination of haunting lyrics “In the grass the ogre is slayed…fragile moment of the day”, and an overall melancholy that creeps under your skin and stays with you for hours, I would say that this is one of Candlemass’s best songs ever.

The album closes with “Cyclo – f” and “Mythos”. Both are odd tracks, “Cyclo – F” is a great doom song, with a long ass drum solo in the middle, again it picks up the pace so the album ends on a crushing note. “Mythos” is like an outro, creepy if you ask me. This album is a masterpiece. From just hearing, the first couple of songs you understand that what you are listening to is out of the ordinary and that you are in the presence of greatness. It amazes me that this album gets so little recognition from the metal hordes across the world, it is simply brilliant and worth every cent of your hard earned money. Of course it dose not surprise me that this album comes from Candlemass, they are truly the masters of what they do.