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Buried alive like a dog! - 95%

well_of_souls, March 29th, 2005

This is my first review so I'll try to do a damn good job. If you cant tell, I'm a huge Candlemass fan and this is been something I've been looking forward to for a while. It has been 16 years since there has been a studio album with vocalist extra-ordinare Messiah Marcolin. Would it be as good as other Candlemass albums or a sad reunion album?

Black Dwarf: My cd has the intro and this song put together. I was floored when I heard this song for the first time. It seems like Messiah and Co. havent been separated for 16 years. Some excellent guitar work from Johansson and Bjorkman on this track.

Seven Silver Keys: This sorta seems like something off Epicus Doomicus Metalicus; the whole fantasy lyric deal. Not that there is anything wrong with that. This song is a killer. It has a really slow and plodding feeling to it, another Candlemassaterpeace.

Assassin of the Light: The opening riff has a really evil, eerie feeling to it and I love it. The song kinda reminds me of Trouble for some reason, maybe just the title. Marcolin manages to continue to belt it out as in days of old. I still cant believe these guys havent achieved international superstardom.

Copernicus: Named after the famed astronomer, Copernicus has a nice beginning. A really slow and plodding riff and then dead silence. Then Messiah begins to sing in a haunting way and then that riff picks up like it never ended. This song kinda reminds me of "Black Sabbath" with the whole heavy, dreary riff and then the vocals come, except I think Messiah Marcolin sounds a whole hell of a lot better than Ozzy Osbourne. Another great track.

The Man Who Fell From the Sky: eh, the only reason I gave this album a 95 is because of this track. It's an instrumental, but it is nowhere near as good as "Into The Unfathomed Tower," the ultimate Candlemass instrumental. TMWFFS kinda bores me.

Witches: The actual first song I heard off the album. A friend of mine had this and sent it to me, thus prompting me to get a hold of this album. I love the riff, Messiah's singing, etc. My second favorite song on the album. Contains one of my favorite lyrics "leave this fucking place!" Really outta place, but come on its Candlemass!

Born In A Tank: Imagine if Saint Vitus and Alice in Chains had a child and wrote a song. This is what it would sound like. The lyrics are very strong as is the chugging riff, which make this song my favorite. This would make an interesting music video because of the visuals the song gives me.

Spellbreaker: this is why Candlemass is associated with epic doom metal. Another great track, going 7 minutes and 2 seconds with plenty of tempo shifts. The solo is quite nice and the fade out at the end is a nice touch.

The Day and the Night: Has a dark, blusey feeling at first which I like and more Messiah singing along with it. From there it picks up with his legendary opera crooning and the tourtise-paced riffs. Around 3:55, the song begins to pick up and by 4:15 it gets heavy. What a fucking way to end an album. Almost as good as A Sorcerer's Pledge. "I'm lost in the dark..." priceless

Mars and Volcanos (digipack bonus): A nice little bonus for Candlemass fans. This is a more quick pased song than I'm used to from them, but a great change nonetheless. The last 45 seconds is a nice little display of Jahn Lindt's drum work.

What can I say? Candlemass still has it. The first studio album with Messiah Marcolin in 16 years is a damn fine one. Other than the so/so instrumental, this is a great piece of doom metal. One of my favorite albums of the year and it is a great way to showcase how talented Candlemass is. In a day and age where all this metalcore bullshit seems to be taking over, I'm glad to see guys like Candlemass sticking to their guns and showing how much more talented they are. A 95 out of 100 for Messiah and Company.