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Candlemass is back and in a big way - 90%

corpse_are_gay, April 24th, 2005

2005 is really shaping up to be a promising year for the Doom Metal genre. It seems that numerous Doom Metal bands are making a coincidental yet seemingly unified presence that just might over shadow the saturated genres of metal markets such as Power Metal, Death Metal and Black Metal. With releases from Draconia, Swallow The Sun, November's Doom, soon to be releases from Trouble and a Black Sabbath reunion tour, we now find Candlemass adding something to the mix.....

Back in 2003, I reviewed Candlemass' "Doomed For Live-Reunion 2002". This release was just one step in a process that would lead to something I had hoped for back when I wrote the review......a new studio album!

"Candlemass" is the band's first release through Nuclear Blast and first studio album with Messiah Marcolin back on vocals since "Tales of Creation" in 1990. "Candlemass" was recorded in part at Polar studios (ABBA, GENESIS, LED ZEPPELIN) in Stockholm, Sweden.

Well Candlemass fans, the new release is their best effort since "Tales of Creation". This album does a fine job of mixing slower pounding, more doomy styled songs with some mid-tempo ones. You'll find classic tinges of Candlemass all throughout the album, as well as a few surprises. In many ways, this album gives the listener the feeling of such Candlemass classics as "Nightfall" and "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus".

The production is very good. The recording and mix between the drums and the bass provide an excellent, low range response that gives the songs some much needed bottom end. something that seemed to be missing on previous Candlemass albums. The trademark Sabbathy guitar riffs are as heavy and catchier than ever. Some keys are used but they are very low in the mix and seem to be there to add some atmosphere and highlights. And what would a Candlemass album be without the vocals of Messiah Marcolin, the one ingredient that really gives this band an identity and whose voice is much more dynamic now when compared to his work in the past.. He uses the full range of his vocals and doesn't over use is throttle capabilities. He sings with as much power and clarity today as he did back in the late 80's, early 90's. He also adds some interesting vocal styles unlike he has on previous Candlemass albums. He goes from very low ranges to his more familiar higher octaves. Such an example of a song in which these characteristics are noticeable on is "Copernicus".

"Black Dwarf" is one of the more up tempo songs that reminds me of a track like "Gallow's End". And the riffs in "Witches" are reminiscent of "Black Stone Wielder". "Born In A Tank" brings back feelings of "A Cry From The Crypt". "The Man Who Fell from the Sky" is an instrumental.

This album is a must have. I already have four to six albums that are potentials for my 2005 Top 15 and this one is no exception. Candlemass is back and in a big way! Let the Doom Dancing begin!