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Candlemass... Is Back! - 90%

NecroWraith, February 11th, 2007

‘Candlemass’ is back… and with the best album since 1989’s ‘Tales Of Creation.’ Honestly, I had both high hopes and doubts about this album. I wasn’t very psyched about the Candlemass releases after 1990, but here, Messiah Marcolin was on vocals once again. With him singing, what could go wrong? Fortunately, very little did go wrong.

The band is back to their old style, as could be heard on classics such as ‘Nightfall’ and ‘Epicus Doomicus Metallicus.’ The great catchy riffs are back, vocals amazing, and Marcolin’s voice didn’t seem to have weakened at all. The same power and commanding in his voice is still there, as are both the familiar and loved high-octave vocals, and some lower ones, which add more singing variety to the album than to the previous Candlemasses.

The riffs are back and (dare I say?) they’re better than ever. Great melodies, catchy rhythms, same heavy distorted noises as always. They remind me of classic Black Sabbath on this release more than on any other Candlemass, and manage to create the same unforgettable atmospheres as Iommi in classics like ‘Paranoid.’ The amazing production of this album makes this fact ever better. The guitars are perfectly mixed with the drums and vocals, and the bass on here is about as close to perfect as you can possibly get.

Choruses are also catchy as hell, sounding epic and legendary like always. Candlmass matured by miles, and that is clean on this album. Supplying with a lot more sophisticated songwriting than I ever anticipated, this was yet another good surprise for me. Every time you listen to this album, it grows on you some more, and you notice something fresh and new. This is one of those few albums I can put on repeat and listen through a couple times without starting to get bored.

The godfathers of Epic Doom metal definitely didn’t disappoint me with this release. If anything, my liking of this band doubled. Just when I didn’t think they had anything left in them, they managed to supply me with yet another pleasant surprise. Candlemass is back… and better than ever!!!

-Marcin C.