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The "How-to" of doom, part 2 - 90%

Starkweather222000, February 22nd, 2009

When you've recorded an album like "Nightfall", the best you can do is split up your band, and spend the rest of your lifetime becoming a legend in eternity. No, I'm kidding of course, but it is only natural that "Ancient Dreams" couldn't possibly match the previous one. It is both natural and acceptable. But that doesn't mean we should underestimate it, right? Like we wouldn't like to underestimate "...And Justice For All" or "Somewhere In Time", because this is the league we're talking about. Absolute Premiership, if you ask me.

So the recipe is well-known, heaviest, most desperate doom, injected with shots of up tempo riffing like rays of light in a gloomy crypt. Three or four ultimate classics reside in here, "Up From The Crypt", "Mirror Mirror", "Darkness In Paradise" and maybe "Incarnation Of Evil" do stand out from the rest-and that's the difference in comparison to "Nightfall" where you just can't make a choice. The rest of the songs in "Ancient Dreams" are great, but not classics. It seems Leif Edling is a guy who just can't compose a bad song, just good, great and classics. But Edling's great is other people's classics and so on. To be honest, most doom metal bands would cut off one of their testicles to have recorded "Ancient Dreams".

So I think you maybe understand my train of thought behind the "90/100". For any, and I mean ANY, other band, this would be a crystal clear perfect 100. In a way, it is deeply unfair that this album is in the shadow of its predecessor. It's so damn heavy, so damn good, so damn well-played and well-produced. The artwork is great, the vocals will make the hair of your back stand like barbed wire, the riffs are like funeral bells in your bedroom, it is a quintessential doom metal album. Don't overlook this one, you will miss a lot. If I had to make a choice, you all know what it would be. But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy "Ancient Dreams" with all my soul, right? There's room in my shelf for both of them (actually, for all Candlemass albums in existence) so it's no big deal anyway.