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Über-simplistic but very brutal and enjoyable - 89%

morbert, April 9th, 2008

The point is that most bands playing death or thrash metal would find it extremely easy to play a cover version of any song from the Cancer debut “To The Gory End”. Death metal can hardly be simpler. Yet the songs are finished and perfect the way they are. Sometimes catchy, sometimes fast but mostly very brutal and all memorable.This is just maximum efficiency.

The production is suiting. Everything is hearable yet the whole concept is vile, dirty and characteristic. On vinyl the album comes to life even more than on CD. Also the vocals are eerie. A light weight grunt is combined with raspy creepiness, resulting in a great voice fitting the music extremely well.

The album as a whole is a nice trip and specific highlights would be the best two songs “Cancer Fucking Cancer” and “Into The Acid” with opener “Bloodbath” and “To The Gory End” following closely.

Everything falls into place here. The production, the songwriting, the vocals. The whole concept makes sense and still is enjoyable and brutal after all these years. Too bad this band never broke through or released anything this good again. A forgotten early death metal classic.