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underrated, yet essential death metal - 76%

dragons_secrets, February 13th, 2003

This release here is the debut cd from this death metal trio. Its actually performed quite well...I'm not as learned on death metal as some people, and BUT I'll make an exception for this album. There are enough good riffs here to keep me interested. Another good thing is that I'm not bombarded with non-stop blast beats or insane thrashing, mostly what we have here is mid-paced death metal. At any rate, not too much of it is blindingly fast. The sound is close to that of Obituary, soundwise. The songs are memorable though,..I don't know..I just remember them and I dont listen to this often!. My only problems are that the vocals aren't quite brutal enough for the music, it almost sounds like he's whispering some of the time, and the production could be more in your face, but I suppose this is good production for the time it was released. All in all, its still a pretty solid debut. Standouts include the title track, Witch Hunt, Cancer Fucking Cancer, and Immenent Catastrophe.