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Old school death metal to the hilt... - 94%

Bathym, March 30th, 2004

Death metal doesn't get much heavier (or better) than this!!! Sadly, this album seems to be almost unknown, as the one that followed ("Death Shall Rise") is their only release that got much noteriety (probably only because of James Murphy). This cd is excellent from start to finish, reeking of old-school death metal throughout. Vocally, it literally sounds like someone puking, though I personally think there's some "enhancement" (aka harmonizer) on the vocals. But, they sound so disgusting and fit PERFECTLY with the music. Most of the songs meander along a mid-pace level, with a few occasional fast breaks, and the riffs are purtely old school and non-technical. Alot of thrash influences can be heard as well. The guitar sound is SOOOOOOOO heavy, it's actually the same guitar sound (and probably same type of equipment) as "HC" by NAPALM DEATH (with the difference that you can actually HEAR the guitars!!). Well, I don't know what else to really say, but if you haven't heard this piece of death metal history yet, you've missed out big-time!!! Ignore all their other albums, this is their best by light years!!!