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No Fuckin Enjoyability! - 49%

Misainzig, November 29th, 2008

What we have here is the first demo of one of the best Death Metal bands ever. "The Growth Has Begun" is pretty fucking rough, and the vocals are bad. They're kind of Black Metal-ish almost, just horribly done. Imagine Paul Baloff's sort of high singing voice, only whispered. Yeah...fucking lame. The gang vocals don't help in the chorus, as it just sounds like they took one guy saying it and layered it 5 times over. Blind Guardian, this is not. "Burning Casket" would later be re-recorded for Death Shall Rise, and rightfully so. It's a good song that is ruined here by musicians not mature enough to play the song, if that makes any sense. That's kind of weird. It's as though they wrote the song prematurely. I mean this version just sucks! The drumming on both songs is just as plain as vanilla and doesn't really do anything to make you go "wow" or "cool." Perhaps the best part of the entire demo is at 2:20 in Burning Casket when it starts fucking THRASHING! Then a few seconds later, there's this fucking ripping solo out of nowhere!

Sure, the production is muddy as fuck, but you can almost always hear the bass. Not that the bass lines are anything interesting, as they just sound like they're keeping with the tempo instead of adding any extra melody.

This is pretty cool for someone (like me) who loves Cancer, but I won't listen to it that much. It's just too mediocre. Humble beginnings for a very brilliant band. That said, CANCER FUCKING CANCER!