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Camos - Evil Supremacy

A must for all lovers of the true Brazilian scene - 95%

marinablackmeatl, January 28th, 2006

Anyone who has a certain knowledge of the 80s brazilian metal scene will recognize the typical style of composing of the legendary vocalist Sucoth benoth. After the split of Amen Corner, Sucoth's long years work, Camos was born. The idea of raising this band was to burry the past, although holding the same ideology and old school feeling within the composition task.
The album "Evil Supremacy" is the enthroning of many years of hard work and perseverance.
It presents Sucoth in full form, from the somber intros to the guitar solos. The line-up is a bit unstable, though, now they seem to have found a perfect match between themselves, specially with the presence of Chaos (Hecatomb) and Ciriato (guitarist of Doomsday Ceremony, but in this case taking the bass and later drums positions).
The album brings sort of a nostalgic feeling, reminding the old and once true Amen Corner in many moments.
Anyway, the whole concept is interesting and coherent, the layout and artwork look really professional and the tracks themselves are quite well produced. The signing with Azagthoth Prod. is a good step forth to the band, although I think they deserve to sign with a big international label to provide them a better promotion worldwide.
The penetrating vocals of Sucoth blend so perfectly with the cadenced pacing and classically built riffs. The guitar solos are well placed and not exaggerated in any way.
The atmospheric intros of some songs give the album a grim and morbid aura, exactly the way Sucoth has planned. Special attention should be placed on the songs: The Sea of Eternal Tears and Satanic Night.
I must say that the album is a must for any lover of the true brazilian black metal scene.