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Lame and Generic - 10%

RussianMetalHead, June 1st, 2008

The Caliban play generic metalcore. The music consists of melodic death metal riffings, hardcorish screams, angry breakdowns, and occasional clean singing. While the production quality is high, and the musicians are competent at what they do, the music is extremely fucking formulaic. Every song has generic melodic death riff, breakdown, etc. Also, the luck of guitar solos pissed me off. And they steal riffs from At The Gates, old In Flames, and so on. This is not a good thing for a metal band. They sound like a pop group with heavy guitars. Besides, the music scene is overcrowded with similar bands. People, who really love brainless breakdowns, probably will enjoy Caliban. However, fans of "thinking man" metal may not bother. It is the music for 15 years olds "rebel" kids, who do the lame jerking off for generic br00tal breakdowns. In conclussion, Caliban plays music for the fake emo culture. American market will eat it up, but it is nothing special, my friends. It is the typical product of metalcore desease - lame melodic death riffing/generic breakdowns/whining/bullshit screaming cancer cells in the metal scene. Very bad.

Unoriginal and repetitive. - 8%

Alcohol, August 8th, 2007

Caliban were introduced to me by a fan of Killswitch Engage and As I Lay Dying. Naturally I thought they weren't worth checking out at all, but this friend also happened to enjoy Between The Buried And Me and As Blood Runs Black. The latter are core bands too, but they have some degree of talent. He offered to let me borrow this CD and seeing as he liked a few bands I could tolerate, I accepted his offer.

Well, they certainly aren't Between The Buried And Me. They aren't even As Blood Runs Black. They're just another piece of the gigantic puzzle of homosexuality we call mainstream metalcore. Screamed verses, sung choruses, breakdowns, and one chord riffs that sound the same. The clean vocals sound electronic, fake, and emotionless. The screams are average, and the riffs just get annoying after a while to be quite honest. The repetitive and predictable double kicks with the occasional snare run throughout the whole album. It's all just so overdone. I hate it.

So why does it even get 8%? I guess if I was drunk and was at a live concert with my little brother who digs this kind of shit, I'd enjoy them for half a minute. I'd have to be really drunk though. Then I'd just get pissed off at all their songs sounding the same and binge drink until I passed out to save myself from having to endure it. This entire CD is one endless passage. I'm struggling to find something to like about this CD, but as I write this review and listen to the album again, the score keeps dropping. I started at 28%.

In conclusion, avoid this album. It's just another piece of metalcore trash.