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Cales > KRF > Reviews > twan666
Cales - KRF

The Czech warriors of times past bestowed - 80%

twan666, April 6th, 2010

Czech Republic doom/death/folk metallers Cales are now on album number 5, forming in 1992, these are somewhat of a surprise band for me. I do not normally listen to this style, but as I have found with a number of releases, and so being told on one occasion to broaden my music horizons, Cales are a great find!

Back to the matter in hand, ‘Barbarian Paganus’ is drinking music, it really is, the rhythm, the atmosphere, has all the hallmarks of a good old booze up in a village hall or at a festival. The music musters a sense of enjoyment through the strong vocals of warriors of yesteryear with thunderous bass heavy sound. In some respects you can attribute their sound to some Doomsword or Mael Mordha tunes, the pagan/celtic aspect of the music is very much present, but there is something else present, just a sheer accumulation of testosterone akin to troops being prepared for battle, swords and shields ahoy, war paint ready, then on into victory. ‘Resolution’ rasps, it stings like a bumble bee, I am sometimes reminded of the rousing anthems that Manowar used to produce in their ‘Hail To England’ period, whilst musically it is nothing like that album, it’s the atmosphere that surrounds this release makes it complete. ‘Pass In Time’ has much more of a folk flavor, the lighter moments are something I do really detest but Cales have done something to me, the quality of this arrangement makes you want more. ‘Savage Blood’ has doom written all over it, heavy as hell, a musical nirvana, an expression of power and mite.

‘KRF’ is Pagan/Celtic “battle” music (not battle metal!) at its best, and Cales are the Czech warriors of times past bestowed of epic arrangements.

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