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Gather The Faithful - 78%

Daevasripper, April 1st, 2013

Cain's Offering formed in the year 2009 by some masters of power metal musicians like Timo Kotipelto from Stratovarius and by Jani Liimatainen after his departure from Sonata Arctica, and other musicians mainly from Kotipelto. They deliver their first album, 'Gather The Faithful'. Well, before I actually begin my review, let me tell everybody clearly this album is not every metalhead's cup of tea, so many might be really, really disappointed. I liked the album through and through.

The album begins with a song named 'My Queen Of Winter' and ends with 'Elegantly Broken'. The keyboardist, Mikko Härkin, plays some really, really great keyboard melodies and harmonies along with the constant double bass drumming by Jani Hurula, which adds new dimensions. However, the thing gets a little one dimensional after the song 'Oceans Of Regret'. Also, the solos and riffs by Jani Liimatainen are way too few to even remember.

The keyboard dominates the album through and through, though the vocals by Kotipelto are really refreshing and add to a relief to the constant rhythmic disco and electro-pop kind of sound from the '80s that might not go well with everyone's ears. The choruses are also great in every song, however the band really needs to find a way to use the guitars far more and far too often. I hardly remember a song beginning with a really cool and melodic power metal riff. All of the guitar work is based only on one or two power chords catching up the songs here and there.

The title track of the album disappoints the most. Being an instrumental, it is mostly based on keys and fast, intricate double bass drumming and lacks a guitar solo or even a memorable guitar riff. Hard to imagine, isn't it? Yes, sad but true. The lyrics are a bit cheesy and deal mostly with relationships, love, and romanticism. The fantasy-based lyrics are missing again, which can be a disappointment to many, however the lyrics go well with Kotipelto's vocals and the whole sound of the band.

Nevertheless, this being Cain's Offering's debut offering can be described as a clanger if one is overly critical. However, this album definitely deserves a listen. As I described earlier, this is definitely not everybody's cup of tea. The guitar work seriously needs improvement if the band wants to go anywhere beyond the one dimensional keyboards and double bass drumming pattern.