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Gather the faithful - 87%

All_In_Vain, November 22nd, 2010

When you think of power metal, what comes in your mind? Well, I don't know, but in my mind comes Stratovarius. What about Finnish power metal? Well besides Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica. Now think for a second, that these two giants of melodic metal would be combined, or in a nutshell: Cain's Offering. I have never been a die hard fan of power metal, but just like very other genre, it has it's share of good bands and this is one of them. Now I would dare to say that this is a super group of Finnish musicians including: Timo Kotipelto, Jani Liimatainen etc.

Now what we have here is their first album as Cain's Offering and it's really awesome. Right of the bat it starts out with one of my favorite songs ever 'My queen of winter'. A bit fast paced but chances to a little slower in some points. Showing exactly what they have to offer here. Now you might think that I'm here just to yell about how awesome this is and like that... heh, wrong. As awesome as this is, nothing is perfect. There are some things that don’t quite fit here, like the fact that once you’ve listened to it once, you don’t want to hear all of the songs again and soon it starts to repeat itself. But the music itself, well... guitars are great, not the typical wanking like in every other band in the genre, no. This album’s melody comes mostly from the keyboards. Bass is audible and hat’s a good thing. Drumming is also is very solid, showing that the drummer is very talented. Vocals... well... they are by far the best thing in this album. It’s not something that you hear in every single Stratovarius album. They fit to the music and lyrics very well.

Overall, this is very good release, but lacks the replay-value.

Recommended tracks: My Queen of Winter, More Than Friends, Into the Blue, Thorn in My Side.