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Simple, Catchy, Awesome! - 89%

BassLord, September 26th, 2006

Cadaverous Condition's "To the Night Sky", their first album for the awesome Oak Knoll Productions, is indeed a very entertaining album. Every song is chock full of meaty riffs, cathcy hooks, and brutal vocals. CC is all about keeping it simple and to the point, while throwing in some bizarre and unique elements along the way to keep things interesting.

CC's overall style is really riff oriented death metal, thats simple but catchy. Things never get to technical, more emphasis is put on making the songs simple and heavy. The songs are quite brutal at times, but always maintain a very rocking feel to them. Good tempo variations are used throughout, from thrashy to slow and brooding, but the band tends to favor a mid tempo approach more than often, which fits perfectly with their riffing style.

The vocals consist of really angry low growls, which are really easy to understand as they are not too gutteral. The lyrics are really good as well. Rather then focus on death and gore, the lyrics are really personal and introspective, and are delivered in a very poetic style. My only complaint is that I think the vocals could use more variation in appraoch.

One thing thats really different about this band is their acoustic interludes, which are accompanied by death vocals. I thought this was really strange at first, but on repeated listens I thought they were really cool. It's not something a lot of bands do. Many of the songs also contain sound samples, which are interesting and add the mystery of some of the lyrics. One song even contains some guest clean vocals, which fit really well with the particular song.

This is a really good album overall. It doesn't leave too much to be desired and is a fun album to listen to. Hopefully CC will continue to work with Oak Knoll in the future, and expand their style on future releases.