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Cadaveric Mass Demo - 91%

oldschoolkyle, April 14th, 2012

This demo was way ahead of its time. Very "Atheist" and "Death" like. The band worked hard in the Tampa Bay area death metal scene. The track "Self Induced Butchery" had guest vocals by Bryan Cegon from Disincarnate. I also believe Pat Bailey from Killing Addiction had a cameo on this album vocally.

George Young was one of the most underrated vocalists in the Tampa death metal scene of the early '90s. In each track you will hear the Kelly Shaefer-type singing to the Chuck Schuldiner style. You also will hear some of the Chris Barnes-esqe style in some parts. Very versatile and worth the listen, even today. The guitars are done pretty well on this demo with decent solos. The bass playing is a very Tony Choy (Atheist) and Darren McFarland (Blackkout) style of bass playing. Adrian Baptist plays some great drum tracks that include the fast blastbeats, but also the Tardy (Obituary) style grooving death metal.

I remember reading several reviews of this demo in metal zines back in 1993 that said this was the next big band to come out of Tampa. Unfortunately it never happened. They were in talks with JL America, Earache Records, and a few other independent labels, obviously to no avail.

I would recommend this demo to others if you want that classic early 1990s Tampa death metal that was technical, but also brutal, like Atheist mixed with Gorguts possibly. I have recordings of this demo along with their earlier 1992 release and their later 1994 release. I will upload information on these demos as well on this website.