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Slayer Metal - 62%

MikeBelial, March 3rd, 2006

Who the fuck are these guys? While listening to this demo I spent some time trying to look for them on the internet. I found out several things. They are on My Space and come from Italy. They have no biography, no label, and no listing for how many guys are in the band. The only reason I know I’m listening to the correct Cadaver Mutilator is that all their songs on My Space are the same as what I got on demo. I did notice that there is a ton of info about Cadaver Mutilator the song by Six Feet Under (SFU). Now this begs the question: Are these guys a tribute band to SFU? I would have to say a no. In fact these guys are pretty far from being an SFU remake outside of the fact that they play Death Metal.

What we got in Cadaver Mutilator is good ole fashioned Death Metal with some Brutal Metal ladled into the pit. It has all the elements of the genre in that there are chugging riffing guitars, dirty vocals, putrid bass, and blast beating drums. At times they do a controlled chaos type style of mid-ranged riffing with hammering drums that is pretty heavy. On the Brutal Death Metal style side they do not solo, which means they may be sticking to a proven mold. Overall the production level ain’t too bad on this disc, but I’m also listening to it on Bose Noise Canceling earphones. Still, everything on this disc sounds good despite being a bit low-fidelity.

After listening to this demo 3 times I think it is worthwhile to mention that the Slayer era from “Show No Mercy” to “Seasons In the Abyss” is a prevalent sound that creeps its way into many acts in Metal including Cadaver Mutilator. Even Mick Harris formerly of Napalm Death has spoken about the Slayer/Dave Lombardo influence on his drumming. My point is that emulating Slayer is not such a bad thing, fuck if you can play some of that crazy shit by them from the 80’s then you probably can play Death and Brutal Metal. With Cadaver Mutilator the Slayer sound comes through in the guitars (Check out 2:14 of the song “Now I Bleed“), but it does not lend itself to being too repetitive for the reason that these guys play with passion. Perhaps when they get signed and work on a debut they will find for themselves an unmistakable identity… It might even take 2 albums like with Kaamos. As of now I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Besides, I listened to this demo 4 total times while writing this review, which is more than I can say for what happened when I heard that shitty band When Love Finished.