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A rewarding listen - 99%

ozzeh, January 28th, 2008

Cadaver are one of those bands that are somewhat well known in the underground metal scene, but they never really reached the level of fame they probably deserved. This release is nothing short of a masterpiece, but it is not an easy listen by any means. "In Pains" is fucking depressing. It's nihilistic, dark, and evil.

Death/thrash is one of my favorite musical genres; this release borders more on death metal, but there are thrash riffs aplenty. The guitar tone is dirtier than a crack whore on $2 crack whore night. The production is actually masterfully done and fits the overall mood of the album very well.

Listening to this album is like staring into a dark abyss: foreboding. The vocals are awesome in their own right; they're very much death metal oriented but also match the extremely talented riff-work found on every song. The album doesn't really have any progressive influences but all of the songs seem to follow a linear pattern that doesn't really reach any climax.

Like I said previously, this album is seriously depressing. It's also extremely well crafted and not accessible by any means. Cadaver are the Voivod of death/thrash but much better musically.

There is no closure to be found on this album but I honestly think that "In Pains" gets better the more times you listen to it. This is an extremely ominous album and probably not fit for a neophyte of death metal. "In Pains" is highly addictive and highly recommended; this release only gets better as the album progresses.