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Cacumen > Bad Widow > Reviews > DeathRiderDoom
Cacumen - Bad Widow

Solid Hard Rock Effort! - 78%

DeathRiderDoom, February 27th, 2009

Cacumen (later incarnated as a more Glam/AOR sounding “Bonfire”) is a solid German Hard Rock/Heavy Metal act, which reminds listeners of Scorpions mixed with NWOBHM, say Persian Risk, for example. This hard-hitting 12 track (bonus expanded) collection is filled with high paced original and well written songs that are fairly far from run of the mill.

Tracks like “Rescue Me” and the title track give us a good taste of the talented vocals of Claus Lessman, along with some exciting drum bits and the trading of some really hot guitar licks between the bands axe-men Hans Ziller, & Horst Maier-Thorn.

The songs on the album have punch, and uniqueness. In a time when the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal sound had thousands bands competing for attention, Cacumen offers a collection of tracks with stand-out appeal. “You are my Destiny” sounds like the title of a fairly generic track, but is in fact, quite far from this description. While the subject matter of the songs beats the now (and then) well trodden path of women, hard-rockin partying, and blues themes, Cacumens talented line-up manages to do it with enthusiasm and delectable arrangements that keep one interested at every turn.

Back to the guitar work, where i feel a lot of praise should be targeted. Of the many albums in this genre around, there are tonnes which have guitar riffs and leads which “do the job” but don’t necessarily grab ones attention. This is not the case with this album. Even with a title like “Tonight” to work with, Ziller and partner manage to work through some very effective, yet simple riffage with a greater intensity than many contemporaries. “Ain’t Got No Woman” also showcases the ability of the bands guitarists to come up with great guitar melodies which complement well. “I’m Gonna Make it One Day” manages to squeeze some inventive guitar leads into the start of a song which is otherwise fairly straightfowrd blue-print “Rock n Roll”.

The album is also mixed well, and has excellent production values, which increase its “listen-ability.” A solid effort all round, and definitely worth looking into for anyone not afraid of either 80s Hard Rock, fans of Scorpions, or listeners of Hard Rock styled NWOBHM. A great, and relatively unknown band.