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10,000 kittens died for nothing! - 45%

Wra1th1s, April 25th, 2008

That up there is not the exact amount of guitar masturbation that occurs in the album, rather it is a rough figure slightly rounded up. Now being a guitarist, this is something of a 'sacred cow' what with the twin guitar maelstrom that is Friedman and Becker. However this review is written from the point-of-view of a non-guitarist, and with that in mind this album is very lacking.

To me there are two kinds of guitarists: One is the absolute shredder god that bedroom guitar onanists burst a load to every time they play the Phrygian mode at 350 bpm, but their songs are hardly captivating; The other kind of guitarist is not so jawdropping in terms of soloing, but writes excellent songs. Sadly Cacophony, or rather Friedman and Becker, falls into the former.

As a metal band, Cacophony fails quite miserably. None of the songs come to mind after the album finishes. But the solos will probably stay in your head for weeks, if only for the awe factor. The title track is actually quite good, running in excess of nine minutes this song is an actual symphony i.e. it flows like a classical song. The guitars aren't the only highlight either, the drums and bass here are admirably played and complex. The other instrumental, "The Concerto," is also quite good.

My main gripe with this album rests with the vocals. Imagine the most cliched metal lyrics played in the most cliched metal manner, then you'll have a rough idea of the vocals. It's not awful, but it's nothing to write home about either. The singer, whose name escapes me, sounds like a really bad Dickinson/Halford/Soto rip-off and at his best is not even a tenth of those singers. The band should stop writing 'songs' and continue writing instrumentals (they did, though Friedman was in Megadeth for quite some time.)

The production is not bad, not bad at all. Every instrument can be heard distinctly and the drums are not louder than everything else. The guitar tone is average for the 80s. Sometimes this album sounds like When Dream and Day Unite, but with a clearer distinction between the bass and guitars.

Is it worth your money? If you're a shredaholic or a guitarist, then yes and consequently bump the score to the high 80s. If not then don't bother, regrettably I payed Rp 223,440 (around US$22.00) for an album I don't often listen to.