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Cabinet > Claustrophobic Dysentery > Reviews > The Last One
Cabinet - Claustrophobic Dysentery

Endless Corridors of Rot. - 95%

The Last One, May 13th, 2022

This is my first ever review so yeah I might suck.

This album is an odd beast, and one that needs context to be fully understand. Cabinet is a project of Matthew Schott, and feels like an extension of his other project Sxuperion. Sxuperion is a science fiction themed blackened death metal project which heavily utilizes hypnotic atmospheric guitar riffs that make you feel lost in the depths of space. With songs often accompanied by sample-heavy ambient elements, this is very isolating music, music that makes you feel small and weak, at the mercy of an endless sucking void.

Now, this brings us to Cabinet and the album thats actually the topic of the review (took me long enough, I know), "Claustrophobic Dysentery". Cabinet is also an atmospheric blackened death metal project with a heavy usage of very isolating hypnotic riffs, however this project takes a different spin with the overall atmosphere. This album takes the isolation and vulnerability of Sxuperion and makes it feel more earthly. This doesn't just apply to the more traditionally metal elements of the music either, this applies to the ambience as well. The samples used here are sounds of dripping water, emergency alarms, distorted music boxes, etc. Sounds that give the album an eerie horror movie-like feel. These songs are brimming with rot and decay, a nightmarish atmosphere that leaves a massive impact despite a short 32 minute runtime.

Listening to "Claustrophobic Dysentery" feels like wandering into an abandoned building just to get lost within a dimension of never-ending hallways. The floors and walls are coated in what seems to be rotting corpses of animals, all mushed together into a horrific unrecognizable paste. The only light is through cracks in the walls where the sun can slightly peak through, a promise of the outside world you will never see again. You are hopelessly alone, you are small and weak while at the mercy of this new world you have found yourself. Yet, even though you haven't seen any signs of life for the time spent wandering the halls, there is always an instinctive urge to run. You can't see or hear anything that would put you in danger, yet you always sense it. You sense a terrible force as you traverse the halls, something unfathomable. Something so terrible that surrendering yourself to it to end the nightmare you expect wouldn't even be worth it, for what it can do to you would be unimaginably painful.

"Claustrophobic Dysentery" is easily among the best albums to come out in 2022 so far, up there with Astral Tomb's "Soulgazer" and Devil Master's "Ecstasies of Never Ending Night" in my opinion. Its such an ugly twisted album Despite the relatively short simple construction the songs have. Most of the songs are based around only a handful of hypnotic riffs and lack much of a standard song structure on top of only being 2-3 minutes long a majority of the time. Its atmosphere is just that powerful and crushing, each song just feels like another of the endless hallways, another chapter in the endless nightmares.

I hope for a first review I didn't do too terrible haha.