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A Collision of the Worst Kind - 28%

Daru_Jericho, October 13th, 2008

By simply glancing at the track listing of ‘Collision’, it would be reasonable to suspect it was brainless hip hop (with slightly improved spelling, in most cases) but this is not the case. C-187 are a technical metalcore band from the Netherlands, despite explicit American references. Whilst the band are one of those metalcore band that strays out of the generic and dull Bullet for my Valentine camp alongside bands such as Psyopus, C-187 fail to substantiate ‘Collision’ with variety.

The vocals, however, are varied. Vocalist Tony J.J. utilizes an inventory of shouts, growls, grunts, spoken word, rap and clean singing throughout the album, his most ‘versatile’ being on ‘Strapped With Heat’. The guitars predominantly pad out tracks with bland riffing but on ‘P.C.P. ‘(Murda In My Head)’ the guitar and drum synergy produces lustrous result C-187 can be proud of. ‘Sidewalk Chalk’ is made convincingly sinister by the more than competent guitar job and the double bass on ‘Roadblock (D.O.A.)’ is admirable.

All in all, the album shows that this new band have a lot of ideas but fail to organise them in the most profitable manner, musically. The music is not coherent or chaotic enough to strike the mark, leaving them lost in the mediocre middle ground. Of course the biggest tragedy is the musicians who are featured on this release. While they could have produced a band like Blotted Science, they stuck with this limiting genre. With more work, something special could be produced in the near future...and not related to hardcore.

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What the hell is this? - 20%

death_reveals_all, February 20th, 2008

This may be one of the worst albums released by some of the best musicians of all time. From the name and the juvenile imagery, to the lame and unimaginative musicianship of all the members, this album is, for lack of a better word, stupid. Now, as I'm sure most would agree, when you combine musicians such as Sean Reinert, Tony Choy, and Patrick Mameli, one would expect to be blown away by the technicality and originality of the work they produce, but this band is fucking terrible. Every song is exactly the same, from the hardcore influenced vocals, to the painfully basic drumlines and guitar riffs. Don't get me started on the bass, which is almost non-existant.

After listening to this entire album, yes I actually made it through the whole 41 minutes, I couldn't help but ask myself, "What the hell is this?" Why would they write such horrible, stupid, juvenile, rap-poser-metal? Who knows, maybe they wanted to go a little more mainstream (a lot more mainstream I should say). It just doesn't make any sense, I still can't wrap my head around how such brilliant musicians could create such horrible poser-metal. Even the song titles are ridiculous, Cruisin' 4 a bruisin', Murda, Drugged and Mugged? Are you fucking kidding me? Are you gangsters now? Has Sean Reinert and Patrick Mameli (who is from the fucking Netherlands) all of a sudden joined gangs and become gangster-musicians? What the fuck.

All in all this album is horrible, never buy it, and if you value your respect for Sean Reinert and Tony Coy for their work in Cynic, Atheist, or Gordian Knot, you will not listen to this, because you will think much less of them by the time you angrily push the stop button on your CD player. Stay away if you know what's good for you.