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Bywar - Twelve Devil's Graveyards

Teutonic thrash metal from Brazil - 85%

The_Boss, May 22nd, 2009

I think it's safe to say Bywar are a "retro" thrash band, yeah we've all heard that term and now some are you are going to stop reading and go off cursing them youngins for listening to this new shit, while the other crowd will be smart and continue reading. Having formed in the late 90's but their debut graced the scene in 2002, Bywar have been around longer than most of the other bands from the retro thrash scene, playing a distinct style of early Destruction and Kreator worship. If you read my review of their debut, I can easily say it was summed up quite a lot by that sentence. Well 5 years later, Bywar are back with a third album, Twelve Devil's Graveyeards; not much has change sound wise but this is a longer album and overall more mature I think.

Invincible War was a dirty thrash output, while this newest 2007 release is a bit more polished, at least in the sense that it has a more structured and overall stronger output. The songs off Invincible War was just straight forward by the numbers thrash, 1-2-3 without changing a thing structurally. Not much has changed with Twelve Devil's Graveyards but it is quite apparent that they have matured as song writers and are knowing what they are doing with their instruments. Guitars are still straight from the 80's with a killer guitar tone, Destruction-like fuzz that kicks your ass with lead work straight from Petrozza's fingertips. Debt of War has a killer riff that leads you off into the windmill-a-thon snapping your neck even having a nice thrash breakdown, where vocalist Adriano Perfetto shows how much he loves Schmier and Mille. Backup vocals are gang shouted and totally badass, very well done; now alongside Dekapitator with some of the coolest around. Drummer Enrico Ozio does his job of maintaining his composure throughout the album keeping pace perfectly playing at fast speeds and even getting his own 15 seconds of fame with the cool intro of The Unconscious.

Most of the songs here are 5 minutes and less with the exception of the closing title track which is a real testament to Bywar's love towards Destruction. This song could have come straight from Eternal Devastation, sitting right next to Curse the fucking Gods! What a kickass track, insane melodic shredding kicks into a riff fest of epic proportions, man Bywar have a come a way from the dirty thrash assault of Invincible War. The rest of the songs here a more structured and overall better output than those found on the debut, with loads of fun solos and killer riffing. This is straight up German influenced thrash metal that is an absolute pleasure to listen to if you enjoy the harsher side of thrash that is.