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Bywar - Heretic Signs


Holocaust0, September 18th, 2005

Here's the second full-lenght of a new veteran in the thrash metal scene, the mighty BYWAR. Rotted in old-school thrash, highly influenced by early DESTRUCTION, fulfilled with great riffs, an awesome vocalist, all the ingredients for becoming a great band. In fact, the record is great, but it have his weaks moments. And there's a bunch, but overrall that's a good record to listen.

The album starts off with Into The Curse, which is a little silly intro who opens to the greatest song on the record, the title track, Heretic Signs. The riffs in that song are fucking sweet, the chorus is catchy as hell and the solos are WONDERFUL. I expected more song like that one, but none of the others can top it, and that's why the record is weaker than it's predecessor.

The second track, The Twin Of Icon, is another thrasher. Fucking great riffs, but something really scrap the song off, the use of blast beat. I have nothing against blast beat (I love crossover and some old-school death metal), but there is a rule in old-school thrash metal ; NO blast beat. Look at SODOM, KREATOR, TANKARD, EXODUS, DESTRUCTION, VIOLENT FORCE, SACRIFICE, RAZOR, BLOOD FEAST, SLAYER, none of them used blast beat and their music was fucking great. Blast beat has nothing to do with thrash metal, and that's why I think this album is kinda weak. The song in itself stay really great though, the riffs are VERY catchy.

After there's Subconscious Death, another catchy song, with a cool calm intro. But again this song is fulfilled by blast beat, but they fits really well the song. Even with blast beat, the three first songs stand for the greatest on the record, the riffs are really great.

Here's come the weakest song on the record, the less-riff track. Frozen Deadly War. The chorus is catchy, but I don't know, I'm still searching for another Heretic Signs and that fails to complete.

Then you have The Last Life. I loved it the first time I heard it, and still like it. But here the tracks sound a bit all the same, the riffs are catchy, but they miss something called «energy». They didn't drive in their music like they did on the track Heretic Signs.

So there is Inquisition. An awesome song, obsviously the chorus is the greatest part of the track, very catchy «PREPARE TO DIE!». But the drumming of Ozio are a bit weak, he isn't that fast, and he keeps the same pace in all tracks (Except when he blast beat his drumkit) and makes the songs a bit uninspired.

The «Hole» Grail is just another song that sounds exactly like its predecessors. The song is good though, but some changes could be great.

Then follows another highlight. Cerebral Death is a fucking great instrumental. The riffs are catchy, the drum are a bit different, well there is like one «mesure» of blast beat sometimes, but that stays fucking cool. I really like that track, who leads to another sound-all-the-same track.

Void (Another Dimension) is like The «Hole» Grail, it sounds again exactly the same thing. It is great though again too, but if they created one epic song with all those riffs it could be better than that I think.

And well, after some tracks that sound always the same, you have a great headbanger. At Trance With Metal kicks your ass with its great chorus. The riff is really sweet too. Another highlight I could say.

Well, this is not a bad record. But there are a lot of weaks elements ; use of blast beat, Deadly Frozen War / The Last Life / The «Hole» Grail / Void sounds all the same, the drums lack of brutality on certain moments... but there are also great elements ; fucking great vocalist, awesome riffs, catchy as fuck, the video is cool and the guys themself are great persons to get in contact to.

Highlights: Heretic Signs, The Twin Of Icon, Cerebral Death... Almost Decreted, At Trance With Metal
Weakest song: Frozen Deadly War, The Last Life, Void (Another Dimension)