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Last resort? - 80%

ultraviolet, June 11th, 2012

I can almost see him grinning wickedly through his thick beard. He never was like most of the people and he never will be. In his mind utter nonsense struggles with utter brilliance, with the latter fortunately conquering over his musical aspirations. Just a year after releasing the acclaimed “Belus”, Varg Vikernes is back with yet another blackmetal monument, ready to re-establish himself for good in today’s musical events.

Only this time, the enthusiasm of “Belus” has given way to the warmth of Burzum’s new record “Fallen”. Although presenting a harsher sound than its predecessor, the feeling of the opening riff from “Jeg Faller” is the feeling of knocking the door of an old acquaintance where, no matter how long it’s been since last time, you just know it’s a place you’ll always feel comfortable. With “Valen” things get a bit more heavy metal, its epic tunes repeating themselves till they get stuck in your mind; this is emotional uplift, THIS is norse blackmetal.

There really isn’t anything new here, it’s just production that helps Varg’s sometimes chanting, other times whispering vocals come to surface and accompany the distorted ones. And the marching drums can now be heard and give depth to the soundscapes like those encountered during the journey of “Budstikken”. And if at some points he becomes predictable as in “Enhver Til Sin” or the ambient outro track, it’s OK, because only the fact that he’s still here, still sharing some of his musical genius with us, is invaluable by itself.

Varg was on his own back then and still is on his own right now. A sole mind that will never fit in. He knows it. And his music is a resort for him as well as for some of us who also think from time to time that we might not fit in. Wow, and I think I just found the word that could describe the wholeness of “Fallen”. A resort…

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