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Fallen to the bottom of the Burzum pile... - 65%

Wretchard, March 9th, 2011

I have been listening to Burzum for about 12 years. I know all of the albums inside and out (I’m not counting the keyboard albums). I enjoy all of the albums and I don’t think it is important to say what album I think is best because anyone reading this is probably a fan of Burzum and has their own favorite for their own reasons. But, I can say the Fallen is my least favorite album to be released by Varg thus far (again, excluding the keyboard albums… they don’t really count in my opinion).

Yes, I did enjoy Belus. I was pleasantly surprised by the album, even though some songs sounded too familiar, but that was better than straying from the old Burzum sound and style. And, I do enjoy Fallen as well, but if I had to throw away one album this would be the one.

Here is my take on the last 2 albums. If Fallen was released first, I would like say I like it more than Belus. I find both albums have a similar sound and feel, although Fallen does have more clean vocals (too much, maybe?). My overall problem with the last 2 releases is the drums. Varg’s drums are way too boring in many of the songs. The tracks with straight 4/4 timing are fine. The songs with blast beats don’t bore me either. But, the other songs… he plays the exact same drums beat. I mean, really? That’s the best you can do? I don’t expect anything great, but play a fill every once in a while, or at least change up the beat a little. Just a little…

Some people are going to say “You just don’t get it… It is meant to be minimal… etc. etc. etc.” Yeah that is true, but is it meant to be boring?

Not going to list the song titles but part of track 2, all of track 3, most of track 5 uses the ‘boring’ beat I am talking about. The songs don’t feel like they are 'pushing' enough.

And while I'm complaining about this track 3 of Belus uses that beat as well and it’s my favorite track on the album.

So, for me the album is not bad. I still enjoy it. The vocals are decent even if a little too many clean vocals are present. The guitar is typical Burzum. And the bass... Well, who cares about the bass, but it is there and can be heard and adds to the song, especially Budstikken.

Fallen is an album that fans of Burzum will listen to and enjoy. But it may be the album you end up listening to the least after the ‘newness’ of it wears thin. Another fairly solid release from Varg Vikernes, even if the drums are starting to bore me to death.