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Harder to Grasp - 95%

noinnocentvictim, December 21st, 2005

I believe that this work is absolutely amazing, yet it takes some time to grow on you. I rarely stumble upon music that takes time to sink in, though this CD is one of those rare occasions where the value of the album grew with time.

The album opens up into an endless void, and the track beyond opens with a melody built on dissonant chords, yet ends up sounding decent somehow. Regardless of the dissonance, it is quite enjoyable to listen to. I was surprised by how emotional the track became the more that I'd listen to it. It expresses, with a voice of hatred, how little satisfaction can be found in the world. There is nothing to be considered "fun" in this album - just expression of emotions in pure forms. It isn't enjoyable to listen to as a whole, yet rather seems to be a journey through your mind.

The chants found periodically through this album really add to the thick atmosphere, giving it a dense feel. The biggest change of emotions is between tracks three and four. Track three is a dismal track, consisting of chants and screams beneath a guitar line. It moves on slowly, and seems endless. The fourth track, "Lost Wisdom," starts off with what feels like a pop riff, and moves on towards a dismal droning of chords. It is an ageless piece.

The fifth track is an ambient track, recorded in MIDI, I'd imagine. It's odd, and sets an atmosphere for the sixth track, though I believe the fifth track to be weak in contrast. The sixth track is true sorrow. It was recorded before any other track on the album, and sounds unbelievably sad, no matter when you listen to it.

The seventh track is unrelentless, pounding, pure black metal. It's probably the darkest track on the album.

The eighth track ends this album in sorrow and emptiness, much like the first track begun the album.

It's quite the journey to make, but this album is worth every listen you pay it.