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Ghastly - 100%

mrdanteaguilar, February 27th, 2011

Burzum... Varg Vikernes... one of the most famous (or infamous) metal musicians ever. Burning churches, murdering people, you know the deal. However, I have never listened to his first demo, until today. Believe me folks, this is true evil black metal at its finest. No blast beats, no fast drum patterns, no vocals (huh? yeah, it's true), just eerie, highly distorted, low quality produced music. Extremely harsh and ear raping (good for me, bad for many), this is something a true black metal fan (or weird music altogether) should definitely not miss, for you shall not be dissapointed.

The atmosphere is just brilliant, like something you would hear in your nightmares; truly evil. Maybe gothic people claim they're evil and dark, but they're not close to this. Gothic music makes you think of darkness, only with a light. Like there's some sort of hope. You stand in the darkest place, but you can still see the light. While the song ''channeling the power of souls into a new god'', for example, brings you to a place where there's absolute darkness, ghastly sounds and no hope.

Black metal demos are usually like this. Raw, harsh and really agressive. And this is certainly not the exception. So, if you want to hear the soundtrack for pure darkness, this is the perfect choice.