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A lost SNES soundtrack perhaps? - 77%

firebee1, August 8th, 2007

I actually didn't mind this at all. Old obscure black metal demos usually sound like crap, especially extremely low quality rehearsals. This is one of those cases. As the first few seconds of Lost Wisdom started, a track I'm already well familiar with and adore, I started to think, "Man, I'm going to hate this so much." The volume is extremely quiet, production is terrible, no vocals, inaudible drums (if there even are any I can't tell), and an awful guitar tone. Sounds like absolute rancid asshole overall. I let it play on anyway.

As Lost Wisdom went on, I sort of listened to the music in a different way than I would its finalized black metal version that appeared on Det Som Engang Var. It definitely doesn't feel as dark as his studio work. The guitar tone, after accepting that it just sounds the way it sounds, starts to remind me of an old SNES game or and old independent RPG. This is because the notation commonly used in black metal is here, but the way the production makes the instruments sound is totally reminiscent of Zelda or Castlevania. Sounds weird, I know, but it's true. Same goes for the last two tracks.

To put it briefly, even though the production is crap and the songs bear vague resemblance to their final products, there is some quality to be found here. It's still a surprisingly pleasant and even fun listen that I would recommend to anybody.