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The infancy of Burzum... - 75%

Shadow0fDeath, September 22nd, 2004

Varg Vikernes' project, Burzum, was formed after the departure of Old Funeral. The Youth's musical passion hadn't died, and the spirit lives on as the first demo was released, simply titled Demo I. Demo I has 3 songs that have been a major target by bootleggers, Lost Wisdom, Spell of Destruction, and Channeling the Power of Souls.

The demo was recorded what sounds similar to the production quality of Mayhem's famous Pure Fucking Armageddon demo. With it's noticable "taking low end too far" production that makes your ears scream in pain due to it's harshness the release is one that is so cryptic to hear what's going on in the background, which is usually a few chords here, and there. Like most demos by early black metal bands it was limited, very primitive music for the sake of being extreme, far before any idealogical concepts were concieved through the art of black metal.

Also it seems there are no vocals on this original demo, which makes the minutes seem like hours as each of the 3 songs drag on 4 to 5 minutes with 2 riffs consisting of a couple chords played in very raw, low end be-all-end-all muddy production. The overall music itself is pretty dark, and moody like much of Varg's work has been throughout the years.

A powerful demo if you can stand listening to it once, and even so it merits that much. A must listen to for any serious burzum fan, just to experience this release one time is a fascinating treat. The dark, yet primitive aesthetics of this release give the music a lot of character despite it's poor production quality.